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Obama Seeks To Ram Through
Nazi IMAB Board

Jan. 6, 2010 (EIRNS)—British puppet Obama moved personally to "tighten the screws" (along with Nancy Pelosi) on the leadership of the Congress over the last two days, in order to try to get his Hitler health bill passed.

Obama met with the House and Senate leaderships the night of Jan. 5, and, according to Politico, "forcefully communicated" his desire to get the bill passed in time for his State of the Union address. In addition, he demanded that the final bill include both a tax on Cadillac (read union-level) insurance plans, and an independent Medicare Commission.

"Obama is obsessed with ramming through his Nazi IMAB Board," commented Lyndon LaRouche. "Hitler would be proud of his determination."

Then today, Obama met with Pelosi and the heads of the four major committees involved in the House bill—Ways and Means, Rules, Energy and Commerce, and Health, Education, Welfare and Pensions. Initial leaks on Huffington Post indicate the President insisted on the "Cadillac tax" plan, which the unions, who fund many Democratic campaigns, passionately reject.

Pelosi was quoted by the New York Times, on the potential outcome of the negotiations: "We think we have the fairest approach in our bill. I always say when it comes to tax policy around here, it's like a mirror. 'Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?' The Senate thinks theirs is fairer. We think ours is. We'll see which mirror cracks."

"She's off the wall," said LaRouche.

As for Obama's demand that the secretive procedure come up with the bill, which both Houses pass, by the time of the State of the Union address, the question remains as to how long he's willing to wait to have the State of the Union. Already, they're talking about February. "Maybe he should postpone it to the Ides of March," LaRouche commented.

A conference call for the entire Democratic caucus is scheduled for tomorrow, Thursday, Jan. 7.