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LaRouche: If You Want Health Care,
AIG Must Be Destroyed

Jan. 12, 2009 (EIRNS)—AIG, the huge Wall Street/London parasite linked to Goldman Sachs, must be shut down along with the HMO fraud apparatus, or the United States will not have a viable health care policy, Lyndon LaRouche said yesterday.

AIG is in the center of the decades-long health-care ripoff of the American people, which Timothy Geithner has "bailed out" with at least $180 billion of taxpayers' money, while he has rewritten the terms of the mega-bailout package four times to AIG's advantage. AIG backs up the thieving HMOs through its reinsurance activities; it was this theft that Geither has been protecting through his bailouts, and through his emailed instructions, now exposed, that AIG lie to Federal regulators, as well as through his stonewalling and refusal to release information on AIG and on his relation to it as president of the New York Federal Reserve.

LaRouche demanded that AIG and the HMO fraud apparatus be bankrupted and crushed, and that the U.S. return instead to the Hill-Burton system for health care which prevailed here until Richard Nixon's inauguration of the HMO system in 1973.

LaRouche asked:

Are you suffering? No health care? Then go back to Hill-Burton, and take back the money from the insurance companies who have been swindling you. Take back the $180 billion Geithner gave to AIG, and put a stop to his stonewalling with a full investigation and audit of AIG and the Fed. Release all their emails and documents for the past ten years, as former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer has demanded!

Anything which is not a return to Hill-Burton is a fraud. They try to come up with this, they try to come up with that. Cut it out! Hill-Burton had only 2-3% overhead; it provided health care at a lower price. Now, since Nixon, we have the HMOs, which are nothing but fraud. Just shut down the whole AIG complex! Destroy it! This is the center of the fraud; this is the whole health care swindle. All the money went in there in the bailout, and they are the reinsurer. People just don't understand how the levels of this swindle work!

LaRouche specified:

We have to rebuild the Hill-Burton system, and stop the swindle of the pharmaceutical companies. Recover their ill-gotten gains through taxes, and begin a complete investigation and audit of AIG's history, as Eliot Spitzer has also called for. End the bailout swindle of the American people, and end the HMO swindle: AIG is at the center of both! Take the money back from AIG, and get the HMOs to drop their rates to the Hill-Burton level of 2-3% overhead. If they can't do it, just shut them down!

AIG was bailed out by Barney Frank and Tim Geithner, If the HMOs can't provide health care with 2-3% overhead cost, to match Hill-Burton, then they're out of business! Put the U.S. through a Glass-Steagall reorganization, and wipe out these institutions including AIG. Bring them to their knees and make them submit to the U.S. government! Make them stop swindling the American people. Crush their testicles if they have any!