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LaRouche PAC Releases
`Destruction of NASA' Video,
Just as Obama Kills Manned Space Flight

Feb. 3, 2010 (EIRNS)—The release of a half-hour video, entitled "The Destruction of NASA," by the LaRouche Political Action Committee today, comes just in time, to feed the growing mobilization against the destruction of the United States, represented by President Obama's attempt to end the NASA manned space flight program. While finished prior to LaRouche's Feb. 2 call for impeachment, the LPAC video effectively supports that call, by documenting how the British, through the killing of Kennedy, the creation of the green-fascist counterculture, and the sponsorship of budget-cutters like 1970's OMB head George Shultz, set up the United States' crown jewel of scientific accomplishment for destruction.

Particularly striking is the video's theme of how the United State's space mission, as enunciated by President Kennedy, provided the basis for collaboration with other nations, to overcome conflicts. Implicitly, the viewer is drawn to understand the fact that reviving the Moon-Mars mission of the United States today, still would establish the basis for international collaboration for the common aims of mankind.

The video is available at www.larouchepac.com.