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Rice-ists Strike Again in Africa

Feb. 4, 2009 (EIRNS)—Lyndon LaRouche said today that the "Rice-ists strike again in Africa," in response to the nakedly political move by the British imperial order, operating through their private "court," the ICC, to destabilize Sudan prior to the April election and the national referendum on unity next year. He was referring to the British imperial outlook represented by Susan Rice, the anglophile U.S. ambassador to the UN for the Obama Administration. She is a long-time pro-British operative who has concentrated on destroying sovereign nation states in Africa, and has a long history of wanting to destroy the nation of Sudan, in particular. Kamal Obeid, Sudan State Minister for Information, said today: "If you look to the time of this process, it shows that the ICC wants to stop the political development in Sudan."

Chief Prosecutor for the British imperial ICC, Luis Moreno Ocampo, appealed the ICC decision made last March not to include genocide in the charges against Sudan President al-Bashir. The so-called ICC appeals chamber announced yesterday that it has asked its pretrial judge to "issue a new decision using the correct standard of proof," implying that its previous determination was inaccurate. The announcement was made while President al-Bashir was in Doha, Qatar, site of the Darfur peace talks, to discuss the talks.

The latest ICC move against Sudan was timed just a few months before the April elections: The ICC has said it will make a new ruling in a few weeks. Moreno Ocampo is already crowing that he expects genocide to be added to the warrant against Bashir: "I think I will win." This thoroughly exposes the ICC as a fake court, acting as part of a destabilization operation to prevent the emergence of a sovereign unified Sudan. If successful, this attempt to destroy Sudan will plunge the entire Horn of Africa to Somali-like conditions. The anti-government Darfur rebel group, the Justice and Equality Movement, whose entire leadership reportedly resides in London, except for its leader Khalil Ibrahim, is ecstatic about the ICC decision to reconsider the genocide charge. This will make it impossible for Sudan to reach a settlement in Darfur before the elections, as it had hoped.

The political nature of the move against Sudan is so transparently obvious that the liberal fabian Guardian said today that the ICC decision plays into the hands of authorities who have declared that the ruling was made in order to "stop the efforts of the Sudanese government toward elections and a peaceful exchange of power." An anti-ICC blog in Britain today asked: Why will the ICC go after Bashir, and not Tony Blair?

Susan Rice's anti-Sudan activism took a hit Jan. 29 when the Sudan ambassador to the UN dismissed as "irresponsible" her allegations earlier that week that the Sudan government was sending arms to militants in the South who were opposed to the southern government. Ambassador Abdalmahmoud Abdalhaleen "categorically denied" Rice's allegations, saying that she has "failed to move from an [anti-Sudan] activist position to that of a worthy representative of a superpower." Rebels and militias in Sudan are being armed from other countries, according to reports, which will create a volatile situation which could sabotage the elections and the referendum which Sudan wants to carry out.