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LaRouche PAC Presents New Video:
Mars Colonization Is the Key
To the New Economics

Feb. 13, 2010 (EIRNS)—If you want to get a sensuous idea of how President Obama's cuts in the manned space mission will kill the future of the nation, there is no better place to look than the LaRouche PAC's latest feature-length video, "From the Moon to Mars: The New Economics Part II."

The half-hour video proceeds from the thesis that "we have to give mankind a new mission—mankind as a whole. The mission is typified by the idea of the Mars colonization. This requires us to make the kinds of changes, in terms of scientific progress, which are needed for mankind's future existence."

With stunning footage of the space science and exploration programs of the past, the LPAC team presents a new understanding of the true meaning of economics, one which measures economic value from the standpoint of mankind's future, at least 50 years from now. It also reviews, from a conceptual standpoint, the model of the 1960s Apollo mission, and its contribution to the U.S. economy, and previews the scientific challenges which have to be faced to take the next step in manned space flight.

The transcript of the video, with plentiful illustration, will be published in issue no. 7 of EIR Online.