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Brazil Carry Trade, Rothschild, and the BRIC

Feb. 22, 2010 (EIRNS)—Lyndon LaRouche has repeatedly warned Russian, Chinese, and Indian leaders to beware of the scam coming out of Brazil, to create a four-nation economic alliance based on Brazil, Russia, India, China (BRIC) but run in fact by the British Empire. In June 2002, some four months before Lula's elections, LaRouche was invited to Brazil to meet with top figures in the economic, political, and military institutions, at a time when the debate over globalization was raging. The American economist urged the Brazilians not to be lured into that trap, but to fight to develop the very real scientific, technological, and economic potential of the country. Lula chose the contrary path, turning Brazil into a pawn of London-based financial interests.

Over recent years, Brazil has built up a huge carry trade, that has given many a major bank in Europe the semblance of solvency, emphatically including Spain's Banco Santander. In addition to the financial implications, this operation has a significant geopolitical dimension, specifically targeting Russia, China, and India—exactly those countries that Lyndon LaRouche has singled out as the necessary power combination, along with a United States returned to the policies of Franklin Roosevelt, to establish a Four Power alliance to replace the bankrupt financial system.

The British Empire has attempted to subvert this approach to real economic development by promoting the BRIC power bloc, whereby the three Asian countries are told that when the U.S. system completely collapses, the British system will prevail, with support from the Brazil carry trade. LaRouche has exposed the fraud of this operation by exposing the truth about Santander and Brazil: They are both bankrupt.

See the upcoming Feb. 26 issue of EIR for detailed reports on the BRIC operation, and who are the British imperial interests who are behind it.

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