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German High Court Confirms
Duggan Death a Suicide:
Ruling Exposes British Lies
Against LaRouche

Feb. 24, 2010 (EIRNS)—The German Constitutional Court, the highest court in Germany, issued a ruling on Feb. 23, upholding the March 2003 finding of German police officials that British national Jeremiah Duggan committed suicide by running into a busy highway in Wiesbaden, Germany in March 2003.

For the last seven years, the circles of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair and the British monarchy have used the Duggan case for an international smear campaign against American statesman Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. Despite all the evidence, the original determination of the German investigating officials, and previous lower court rulings in both Germany and England, these British enemies of LaRouche have fraudulently insinuated that LaRouche or his associates were somehow responsible for Duggan's death.

At the behest of these circles, Mr. Duggan's mother and father, Erica and Hugo, filed a legal challenge in Germany claiming that the original investigation was flawed and incomplete. They claimed to have new evidence that cast doubt on the original determination by the German police. These wild and unfounded assertions formed the basis for an international propaganda campaign against LaRouche. See this release and this one.

The Constitutional Court ruling dismissed all of the Duggans' claims. Further details will be posted shortly.

[Background on the Duggan case]

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