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Obama Says No to Emergency Evacuation
of Haitians to High Ground;
Impeachment Is the Answer

Feb. 24, 2010 (EIRNS)—Reliable sources have informed LaRouchepac that institutional leaders within the U.S. Presidency, and "old hands" on Haiti, all concur that the Army Corps of Engineers should undertake an immediate, emergency evacuation of about one million Haitians from the squalor of Port-au-Prince, to elevated areas of Haiti before the rainy season arrives in April— rather than an evacuation of Haitians to the U.S. These experts warn of an explosion of diseases such as TB, diarrhea, and malaria in the capital, as the "second phase" of the earthquake, which could be as deadly as the first, or worse.

When this "Army Corps of Engineers" approach for rapid evacuation of the Haitians before the rainy season was presented to Barack Obama, he responded with a very firm "No," said the sources. This calls for the immediate impeachment of Obama.

Obama vetoed saving the lives of a million Haitians because he thinks it would be seen as a second Jimmy Carter "Haitian boatlift,"—i.e., bad public relations. The Obama White House, currently entirely oriented to poll numbers, press, and perceptions, absolutely ruled out an evacuation, because they could care less about the death of hundreds of thousands of Haitians.

American statesman Lyndon LaRouche said, "You must change the Presidency and get rid of Obama. Civilization is at stake. Sometimes you must make a decision, rather than just select from offered choices."

Moving in the Wrong Direction

There are indications on the ground that some forces are already pulling out of Haiti.

The Wall Street Journal reports today that some medical teams are leaving Haiti this week, while between 25-30% of post-earthquake surgeries (thousands) need to be redone, because they were done hastily, and under unsanitary conditions immediately after the hurricane. Today, the U.S. is pulling its crew out of a field hospital next to HIV/AIDS center Gheskio; it was thought that the U.S. team would stay until mid-March. The medical ship USNC Comfort is phasing out patients. It has 50 patients, and is taking no more. The Canadian ship HMCS Halifax and its crew, deployed for humanitarian efforts, left Feb. 20. Canadian forces pulled out today.

The Public Affairs Office of the Southern Command confirmed to EIR that it is preparing to redeploy 400 members of the 82nd Airborne Brigade, but says the redeployment is "not time-based," but will be determined by evaluations that other forces can assume the responsiblities.