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Dubai Hit Was Calculated
To Start New Mideast War

Feb. 27, 2010 (EIRNS)—The following report was released today by the Lyndon LaRouche Political Action Committee.

Lyndon LaRouche declared today that the Jan. 20, 2010 assassination of Hamas official Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in Dubai was calculated to trigger a high-level retaliatory attack against Israel, providing a pretext for an Israeli military attack on Iran. He said:

Why else would there have been a cast of dozens, directly implicated, caught en flagrante on security cameras, staging the hit? A clean hit would have involved two people, and would not have caused the month-long international stir. There was a purpose behind this kind of staging, and the purpose was to provoke something much bigger.

To date, Dubai officials have cited at least 26 people, identified as part of the hit team. Hotel and area security cameras captured critical aspects of the operation, and Dubai authorities have bluntly accused the Israeli Mossad of the killing. Passports from the England, Ireland, Germany and France were used by the surveillance and hit team members, provoking further international scandal. The security services in the United Arab Emirates, including Dubai, are dominated by "former" British MI6 and MI5 officials, and the British have, according to LaRouche, "been playing this story to the hilt, fueling the very strong likelihood—almost the guarantee—that Hamas will now be obliged to carry out a high-level retaliation."

Today, Dubai security officials announced that they had discovered DNA and fingerprint evidence at the murder scene, and would be confronting Israeli authorities with that evidence.

According to one U.S. Middle East expert, the situation runs parallel to the circumstances surrounding the 2001-2002 events, following the assassination of Israeli Minister Rehavam Ze'evi, who was gunned down by four assassins from the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) in front of a Tel Aviv hotel, in Oct. 2001, in retaliation for the Israeli killing of PFLP leader Abu Ali Mustafa two months earlier. Ultimately, the Ze'evi assassination, and the hunt for his killers, resulted in the Israeli military invasion and re-occupation of parts of the West Bank. LaRouche warned:

Today, the circumstances are similar to the Ze'evi killing,, but, at the same time, very different. We are in a far more desperate situation today. At the top, leading factions in the City of London are convinced that their financial system is doomed, and they are prepared to unleash absolute Hell on Earth, out of raw desperation. The same Sykes-Picot dynamic controls the greater Southwest Asia region today, as tightly as it did in the immediate post-World War I period. So, the Dubai assassination of a top Hamas official, conducted in the manner that the hit was carried out, was intended to trigger a retaliatory action, which would then give Israel the justification/pretext for a full-scale military strike on Iran, likely targeting its nuclear facility at Natanz, or some other similar target. If this happens, it will trigger an all-out regional conflict, that will rapidly spread. We could be weeks away from the triggering of a new dark age.

LaRouche also emphasized:

Don't look to Israel for the trigger of this operation. Look to the Venetian-style game-masters in London. They have the psychological profiles of all the parties. They know how to set off a chain-reaction confrontation. Why did they choose Dubai as the location for the hit? Because the security structures in Dubai are British-run, British-staffed.

The danger here, as the result of this flagrant provocation, is that the retaliation will occur—possibly even directed at Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, according to one source. Any strong Hamas retaliatory attack against an Israeli target will, in all likelihood, trigger a permanent war, spreading out from Southwest Asia. Certain circles in London are going for genocide, on a scale that would make Hitler cringe. As LaRouche stated: "They are desperate, and they are showing their desperation, with this folly in Dubai."