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EIR Releases Plan for Emergency
Relocation To Save Haitians
from Obama's Genocide Policy

March 10, 2010 (EIRNS)—"How Many Haitians Must Die Before We Impeach Obama?" is the question posed by a major feature in the March 12th edition of Executive Intelligence Review. The 20-page package not only indicts the President for his refusal to take the necessary emergency measures which were put on the table in front of him, to save the Haitian people from a biological holocaust in the rainy season now beginning, but presents a virtual road map for a relocation program which will move people out of danger in time.

Lyndon LaRouche, EIR's founder, issued an urgent call for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to work with the Haitian government to help carry out such a relocation program, on February 22. Since that time, the Obama Administration has moved in exactly the opposite direction, to the point of removing vital personnel and medical equipment from the island, under the excuse that the situation is "stabilized."

As EIR's package shows, there is nothing superhuman required for the United States to take the life-saving measures which LaRouche proposed. The manpower and resources exist to move hundreds of thousands of Haitians to higher ground, and build adequate facilities of housing, sanitation, and power. Yet, as EIR also points out, the same Malthusian, free trade policies which made Haiti so vulnerable to the Jan. 12 earthquake, are still being promoted by sections of the United Nations bureaucracy. And it is these policies, de facto, which have been adopted by the Obama Administration.

EIR's proposal goes far beyond the immediate crisis, of course. What's required, as a matter of elemental morality, as well as economics, is a 25- to 50-year reconstruction program, which will provide modern agriculture, health care, infrastructure, housing, and power—emphatically including nuclear energy, and the most advanced plant and equipment.

Major sections of EIR's package can be found free at www.larouchepub.com, in the interest of massive circulation. With the rainy season already begun, and malaria warnings already issued, the time for immediate action—against Obama and for Haiti—is now.