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LaRouche Outlines How To Save
The Shattered World Economy

March 18, 2010 (EIRNS)—In a private luncheon yesterday in Washington, D.C., Lyndon LaRouche addressed the question of the physical economic principles for rebuilding the shattered world economy, especially the need to increase the energy flux density of power sources. Once the task of impeaching President Obama is accomplished, LaRouche emphasized, the task of reconstruction, and bringing the Pacific and Atlantic worlds into collaboration, will be crucial.

LaRouche honed in on the global problem which is expressed in the fact that the Asian countries, by and large, have too many poor people, without access to advanced technology, while the Untied States and Western Europe have been collapsing their own productive powers.

One of the core elements of the solution, LaRouche asserted, is to develop nuclear power.

If you're not talking about nuclear power, you're not serious. Because without nuclear power, there is no possible net improvement in the world. It's just not psosible." He added to this the perspective for developing mass transportation, especially with magnetic levitation rail systems.

What I would propose we should be doing, is using these technologies, first of all, to force Europe and the United States and South America, to behave themselves, and stop the silly things they're doing, in terms of policy. Green policies are mass murder. We must eliminate green policies. Because the energy flux density of green policies in insufficient to maintain the present human population."

So therefore, we come to a point that is the breaking point in politics, where the American people are prepared to turn against their own representatives, including the President, because of the crimes the Congress and the President have committed against them, and threatened to commit. This health-care legislation is Adolf Hitler legislation; it's a direct copy of Hitler's policy, and therefore it must go. And if he sponsors it, he must go. We must not have genocide on this planet, which is a British policy, it's a policy of these types of people.

But I believe we have reached the point of crisis in the United States, where some gigantic sudden changes can be made. The important thing is that we, who represent various nations as sovereign nation-states, come quickly to an agreement which we need, which will change the character of this system and open up new hope for mankind. It's possible; it's necessary. And by our being conscious among ourselves, as nations, as sovereign nation-states, of what our common interests are, the common interests of mankind, and coming to rapid agreement on essential points of agreement, especially Constitutional agreements among sovereign nation-states, we can get out of this mess.

It will take us 50 years to undo the damage that we've suffered in the recent period, but we can do it if we have the will to do it and exert the power to do it. But we must work together; we must understand the system as a whole. We must respect sovereignty of nation-states, because without sovereignty of nation-states, a people cannot work with their own government. They cannot have confidence in their own government. And confidence in the governments which are responsible is essential to do this job.

This is the worst crisis in modern history; it's also the greatest opportunity in modern history, and it depends upon consciousness and will to do some simple things, in terms of policy, that will fix it. And bring the trans-Atlantic region and the trans-Pacific region into harmony with each other.