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Obama Follows London Marching Orders—Over the Cliff

March 18, 2010 (EIRNS)—On March 15, the London Financial Times emitted an editorial entitled "The Democrats' Healthcare Choice; Passing Reform Will Cost Some of Them Their Seats. So Be It." It reviews the status of the bill, and notes: "The fact is that for some of the Democrats whose votes will be needed, supporting this measure will indeed mean losing in November. That is a lot to ask of any politician. But, remembering what is at stake, not too much." At least, what is at stake for the British Empire, which is their ability to dictate fascist austerity measures in a vain attempt to save their bankrupt financial system.

Clearly, it is not just the Congressmen who are being whipped into supporting the Obama Hitler Health bill, who are being told to sacrifice themselves. The same is true for the President himself, who has repeatedly made it clear that his Presidency is at stake, on whether he passes the bill or not. This is the only explanation for his cancelling a trip to Asia in order to stay around to push the health bill through. He is desperate, insane—and a British puppet.

Some around the Administration apparently believe that passing the health bill will "strengthen" the Obama Presidency. In fact, as Lyndon LaRouche pointed out March 18, it will unleash a wall of hatred against both the Congress and the Presidency. It is already clear, from the victory of Kesha Rogers in the Democratic primary in the 22nd Congressional District of Texas, that the U.S. population is ready to take up the question of impeachment of this President. The LaRouche factor, in taking the lead on impeachment, as he did on the health bill, is obviously up front in the mind of the Administration, as they try to bludgeon the bill through.

As of this writing, and probably for the next days, it is not yet clear whether the Administration has the votes. Its success in convincing confirmed liberal opponent Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) to switch to support for the bill, was done on the basis, by his own testimony, of Obama's appeal to him to save his Presidency (from LaRouche?). Other Congressmen are being offered bribes, or threatened with opponents in upcoming primaries, or worse.

But behind the Congress's back is what Sen. Arlen Specter (D-Pa.), on March 17, called "a hurricane, a tsunami, the eruption of a volcano." The rage of the U.S. population against the Congress and the Administration, to which the local Texas Democratic Party is attuned, led to a failure by the Obama Administration to get that party to try to remove Kesha Rogers from the ballot. Private discussions with those involved in the state executive committee meetings reveal that many of the leading Democrats are aware that Obama, not Rogers, is the problem they face in the upcoming elections. As one official put it, "The sooner Obama is gone, the better we will all be."

So far, LaRouche, and Rogers, and her fellow LaRouche Democratic candidates, stand alone in their championing of impeachment, and the revolutionary proposals for economic recovery which have been dubbed "The LaRouche Plan." But the dynamic is with LaRouche—and the President's insistence on British Nazi policies will only accelerate his fall.