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LaRouche on Passage of Obamacare:
Start from the Fact It's Fascist

March 22, 2010 (EIRNS)—President Obama's "success", on behalf of his British sponsors, in ramming through his Hitler Healthcare bill, is likely to be short-lived, as it will fuel the drive for his impeachment. But, any successful effort to reverse this atrocity, must start from the fact that the bill is fascist, Lyndon LaRouche stated today.

LaRouche was the first to recognize the Nazi nature of the President's health program last spring, and he and his political action committee, LaRouche PAC, have relentlessly forced the issue, to the point that the photo of Obama with a Hitler mustache has become a symbol of the mass strike opposition to the Administration that has spilled into the streets. But while others backed off the accurate characterization of the Administration's bill, as a means of eliminating those considered having lives "unworthy of life" through establishing "death panels" of experts, LaRouche and LaRouche PAC have persisted in telling the truth.

The bill just passed contains all the fascist elements LaRouche identified, from the Independent Medical Advisory Board, to the penalties for "over-treatment" of the sick and elderly, who are being accused of causing the U.S.'s fiscal problems. Such a line is music to the ears of the bankers who are pulling in trillions in Federal government support, to save them from being declared as bankrupt as they are.

Thanks to the cowardice of the Congress, which has submitted to threats and bribery to the point of betraying their constituencies, and their nation, LaRouche PAC stands as the leadership of that patriotic faction which is determined to save the U.S. from destruction.

LaRouche has identified three forces in contention in the U.S. in the wake of the March 21 atrocity:

  1. the patriots, who despise the President's agenda, and his hangers-on;

  2. the enemy forces, like the Nazi-like behaviorists kooks of the Obama Administration; and

  3. the cowards, who swarm like cockroaches in the nation's political kitchens. Either the patriots clean the cockroaches out of the kitchens, and create the circumstances to implement the sound FDR policies of bankruptcy reorganization and economic recovery which LaRouche has proposed, or the United States is headed for an early doom.