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Obama Heads for Political Suicide,
Obsessed by LaRouche Call
For His Impeachment

March 22, 2010 (EIRNS)—Barack Obama is crowing that his health-care reform got through the House, but, contrary to White House claims, this will not save the Obama Presidency, which has already discredited itself, as the mass strike develops.

On March 18, national spokesman for Lyndon LaRouche, Debra Freeman, issued a statement on the bill, which a paranoid Obama was whipping House Democrats into accepting, with unprecedented threats and arm-twisting. She wrote: "Although Obama's overall attitude and behavior has grown no less arrogant, even as his approval ratings sink lower with each daily poll, what has grown is his fixation and his terror every time Lyndon LaRouche opens his mouth, a fact that has led a number of Washington insiders to comment that the only thing Obama seems to fear is LaRouche.

While there is little question that the March 2 landslide electoral victory of LaRouche Democrat Kesha Rogers in Texas's 22nd Congressional District Democratic primary kicked Obama's LaRouche fixation up a notch, it was reportedly LaRouche's March 13 webcast that turned that fixation into complete mania. And, at this point, Obama is personally tagging any Democrat who opposes any element of his agenda as an agent of Lyndon LaRouche.

In the meantime, the Democratic executive committee of Texas eventually passed a resolution against Rogers, but many voters commenting in blogs, have protested against the move. That was after Obama operatives had approached at least two members of the Texas Congressional delegation, voicing suspicion that they were "in cahoots" with LaRouche.

Wrote Freeman,

a desperate Obama, whose own Nero-like proclivities caused him to define his Presidency by his ability to pass his British authored Nazi health care, having exhausted all efforts, including outright thuggery, to garner enough votes to ensure the measure's passage, began to insist that the very fate of his Presidency was on the line. It may be the closest Obama has come to reality, since taking the oath of office.

On March 15, the White House announced that the President would postpone his long-planned trip to Asia "for several days," then, he cancelled it altogether, in order to personally pressure Congressmen to vote for the bill. He flew out to Ohio taking Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio), the head of the Progressive Caucus, onto Air Force One, to persuade him to reverse his opposition to Obamacare. Soon after, Kucinich announced his decision to vote for the health-care bill.

Several members of Congress told the LaRouche movement that it was clear to them that Obama had accused Kucinich of "supporting Lyndon LaRouche's agenda"—most specifically, his call for Obama's removal from office. When Kucinich was asked directly if this is, what in fact, had occurred, he refused to discuss it.

Privately, one leader of the Hispanic Caucus acknowledged that Obama had bluntly demanded to know what his relationship was to Lyndon LaRouche.