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Obama Is Committing Treason
With His Afghan Drug Policy

April 2, 2010 (EIRNS)—In an interview with LaRouche PAC TV on March 31, Lyndon LaRouche charged that President Obama is committing treason, by defending the rights of the drug-traffickers in Afghanistan, who are shooting at our troops. This Obama policy, which was confirmed during the President's recent trip to Afghanistan, amounts to an additional count in the case for impeachment, LaRouche added. Obama must be impeached now.

In this war, the United States, under the present President, is defending the right of the drug-traffickers to continue to operate without interference. We're fighting a war—we're sending troops in, to kill and be killed in Afghanistan, in order to protect the drug-traffickers! These drug-traffickers are also the major source, of support for control of Russia. Because they harm Russia; they harbor circumstances, like the recent things that just happened in Moscow. These are things which were done, and are being done against the United States, by killing our troops, in Afghanistan—with the President's permission, and encouragement!

At the same time, the same forces, the same group of people, who were behind 9/11, are operating against Russia, too, now. And will operate against other nations.

And Obama is practically committing an act of treason, by sending U.S. troops into area, to be killed, by the logistical force which Obama is defending. If that isn't tantamount to treason, I don't know what is.

The April 9 issue of EIR will feature a top-down profile of the Obama Administration's Afghan policy, and its strategic ramifications, including crucial relations with Russia.