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Thai Monarchy Retreats
To Fight Another Day

April 12, 2010 (EIRNS)—The crisis in Thailand took a bizarre turn today, two days after the bloody but failed assault by military forces on the mass anti-government demonstrations in Bangkok. The Election Committee, one of several judicial bodies appointed directly by the King which have "Star Chamber" type dictatorial powers, ruled that the Democratic Party, the governing party headed by Prime Minister Abhisit Vijjajiva, should be dissolved over possibly illegal contributions during the elections in 2005—five years ago! Although the decision must be approved by the Constitutional Court, the announcement of the ruling at this time is a clear signal from the Monarchy that they have decided to throw their baby, Prime Minister Abhisit, to the wolves, or they will soon face the wrath of the people against the institution of the Monarchy itself.

The decision came in the wake of a stalemate between the government and the opposition "Red Shirts," loyalists to deposed Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra. Thaksin has enormous popularity among the rural and urban poor, due to his "general welfare" approach to uplifting the living standards and educational opportunities of the poor. But the Monarchy and its Privy Council, with support from their sponsors in the British Royal Family, have orchestrated three military and/or judicial coups against Thaksin and his supporters since 2006, and then placed the British-born and educated Abhisit in the Premiership.

The "Red Shirts" have been occupying the streets of Bangkok, and now regional capitals as well, for weeks, demanding that Abhisit resign and hold new elections. Numerous attempts by the government to get the military to crack down have failed, as the protestors fraternized with the soldiers, and convinced them to back down. A brief military crackdown, which killed 10 to 20 protestors, was finally achieved on April 10, but the military refused to follow through.

EIR will be monitoring this situation closely, as it is part of the global British imperial crackdown against sovereign national movements.