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Obama Signals Commitment
To Back Military Strike on Iran

April 15, 2010 (EIRNS)—British puppet Barack Obama has signalled by his behavior at the so-called Nuclear Security Summit just exactly what the next program is which his controllers have set out for him: the early launching of a war against Iran.

The President's aggressive intent against Iran is absolutely clear. Following on the Nuclear Posture Review, which singled out Iran and North Korea as nations which the U.S. would not exclude hitting with nuclear weapons, Obama staged the huge Washington extravaganza which had only one real purpose, beyond buoying his ego. There was no need for such a confab in order to agree that terrorists shouldn't get nuclear weapons material. Its purpose was for the President to twist arms, and build a public relations platform, for a hit against Iran.

It is unlikely that the United States would hit Iran directly; that task would rather be left to British puppet Israel. But it is clear that the groundwork is being prepared, and Obama has taken an aggressive stance, threatening "consequences," and demanding "results" within as little as two weeks. We're not dealing with a long-term prospect, but a hair-trigger situation.

Don't try to figure out some "scenario" the British are trying to accomplish here. The reality is that the British, faced with the collapse of their global financial system, are going for perpetual, permanent chaos. The relevant historical period of reference is Venice, prior to its provocation of the 14th-century Dark Age. Triggering such a collapse is a relevant way for them to destroy not only Iran, but the United States, as the crucial element of a global Four Power alliance to put their system into the grave.