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U.S. Population Goes into Angry Revolt
Against the Mustachioed President

May 27, 2010 (EIRNS)—When the Obama Administration moved to kill the Glass-Steagall amendment and any anti-derivatives aspect of its so-called financial reform bill, Lyndon LaRouche remarked that if the U.S. Senate went along, the U.S. population would no longer see the Congress—and the President—as legitimate, and begin to act on that assessment. In the week following the Senate's capitulation to Obama's pressure, that assessment is being borne out in the streets.

The most dramatic indication came in San Francisco on May 25, when President Obama showed up at a fundraiser for Sen. Barbara Boxer, only to be greeted by a widely disparate crowd of more than 1,000 angry protestors. The protestors included Tea Party members, those protesting non-action on the BP atrocity, pro- and anti-immigration groups, and those with no constituency at all. Organizers for the LaRouche Democrat Summer Shields campaign also found an open response to their presentation of an immediate solution to the economic collapse: impeach Obama, restore Glass-Steagall, and begin a 50-year policy to rebuild the nation. They reported that many of the protesters were unable to articulate exactly why they were there, but that they felt driven to protest against the President—a clear indication of the mass strike ferment which has been increasing in the United States since August 2009.

From the content of the President's speech, it seems that even he is beginning to see the handwriting on the wall, of his political demise. According to the official White House transcript, he said, "I know some folks say, well, you know, he's not as cool as he was. When they had all the posters around and everything. Now I've got a Hitler moustache on the posters. That's quite a change."

Other indications of the accelerating mood against the President, as well as the Congress and other political "authorities." are: near-record-sized rallies against draconian budget cuts in Trenton, New Jersey (30-35,000 people on May 12) and Springfield, Illinois (15,000 people on April 15); the open revolt against the President on his failure to crack down on BP's crimes by leading Democrats, including his close ally, Democratic consultant James Carville; and the highest negative poll rating from the Rasmussen poll (45% strongly disapprove versus 23% strongly approve) since his Presidency began.