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Next LaRouche Webcast Set for June 26

June 3, 2010 (EIRNS)—Mark your calendars for LaRouche's next webcast, entitled Change is a'Comin'. The June 26 webcast will be broadcast on www.larouchepac.com.

Since Lyndon LaRouche's last international webcast on May 8, the world has entered into a new phase of international collapse, and of opportunity for dramatic positive change. Thus, when he takes the webcast stage again on June 23, at 1 pm Eastern time, LaRouche will address that changed situation, and how U.S. patriots, and international leaders, must act immediately to bring the world out of its current breakdown crisis. For it's clear: Change is coming, but the action or inaction of U.S. patriots will determine what kind of change it is.

If the leadership of the mass strike process which is accelerating in the United States takes up the program put forward by LaRouche PAC—ramming through the restoration of Glass-Steagall principle as the first step in global reconstruction, and forcing Obama out of office by constitutional means—the U.S. will be in a position to lead the world out of its current collapse into a New Dark Age. Western Europe, China, Russia, and India will all move to join the United States in a process of world reconstruction, based on a fixed-exchange rate financial arrangement, and long-term credits for infrastructure development.

On the other hand, if the world situation is left in the hands of the corrupt, British-controlled political class— starting with President Obama, and extending through much of the U.S. Congress, and the leadership of European governments—a new steep financial collapse, and acceleration of the economic breakdown crisis, will be virtually assured. That disaster will be all the worse, given the horrors carried out by the British imperial oil company, BP, in the Gulf of Mexico.

LaRouche's webcast will lay out the choice. Tune in at 1 pm eastern on www.larouchepac.com, or call 1-800-929-7566 to find out how to attend a showing in your area.