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McChrystal Dismissal Underscores
The Reality: This President Is Finished

June 24, 2010 (EIRNS)—President Obama's firing of Gen. Stanley McChrystal, the alleged architect of the failing counterinsurgency strategy in Afghanistan, is being trumpeted as a means of reasserting the authority of his Presidency, in the midst of a virtual meltdown of that institution under his tenure. In fact, Obama's action does nothing of the sort, but rather underscores the fact that his Presidency is rapidly coming to an end.

Lyndon LaRouche addressed this issue in a private meeting June 23:

"More recently, we have seen the mass-strike movement move up, from the level of ordinary citizens protesting against the policies of the Obama Administration, to a much more extensive one. You see it expressed in the question of the Afghanistan War issue, in which an unlikely personality for this purpose, a certain General, is now on the hot seat, because he is correctly, in a sense—I'm surprised and pleased at the fact that he did it—but he himself has denounced the President's policy of a continuing war in Afghanistan."

In other words, McChrystal, as reflected in what he and his associates permitted to be published in a Rolling Stone magazine article, has, however inadvertently, become a spokesman for the frustrations of the U.S. military, which is being ripped (and drugged) to pieces in unwinnable wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. McChrystal has as much as said that the United States (and NATO) are losing the war, but this is a strategy which British puppet Obama is committed to, as the President emphasized when he announced his acceptance of McChrystal's resignation.

LaRouche has emphasized that the dynamic reflected in Obama's decline is not bound to any particular event, or policy fight, of course. The President's personal commitment and narcissistic Nero-like character ensures that he can, and will, not respond appropriately to reality, as the case of the BP oil spill shows the most dramatically. He is finished; the only question is whether he will bring the United States, and thus, the rest of the world, down with him.