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To Fulfill the Mission of the United States,
We Must Remove Obama from Office Now!

June 28, 2010 (EIRNS)—In a four-hour webcast presentation and dialogue on June 26, in which he extensively reviewed the implications of his latest breakthroughs in physical economy for the immediate actions required to rebuild the world economy, American statesman Lyndon LaRouche repeatedly came back to one crucial point: "As long as this man [Obama] is President, you will never change the direction" of the United States, and the world, toward doom.

LaRouche began his 80-minute opening statement with a sharp description of the current economic-financial crisis, which is threatening the trans-Atlantic region with a total collapse over the immediate period ahead. The problem, he emphasized, is the reliance on money, in a situation where money is nothing but hundreds of trillions of unpayable gambling debts sitting on top of the world economy. The only solution, therefore, he said, was to immediately restore the Glass-Steagall principle of separating speculative banking, from commercial banking—and letting the speculators collapse as they should. This will open up the basis for pouring Federal credit into the economy, to build the necessary infrastructure for an actual recovery.

On the question of how to determine the necessary investment in infrastructure, LaRouche referred repeatedly to the concepts which he is developing in his writings on the "Secret Economy," including in a paper entitled "The Secret Economy's Outlook,"which will be published imminently on the website of the LaRouche Political Action Committee, and later in EIR magazine.

But the United States, with its unique Constitution, has to lead this process globally, LaRouche stressed. The U.S. took the best ideas of Europe, and tried to develop a culture which would realize them, and did so, up until the assassination of President Kennedy. "that should be our mission," he said.

But such a mission cannot be accomplished with Obama in power, LaRouche repeatedly stated. His strongest assertion came in response to a question from a U.S. Senate office, in which the questioner detailed the treachery of the Obama White House in sabotaging even the weak anti-derivative language in the Dodd-Frank bill, and ask what could be done when the President himself was a "liar." LaRouche responded:

"The problem is the following, the practical problem. As long as this man is President, you will never change the direction, from that direction. It's a fact. That's why he's President. That's why he was made President. He's a British patsy, who fits the profile of the Emperor Nero. As I said last April. He is a carbon copy of the mentality of the Emperor Nero. He has always, since I made that declaration, has always behaved in a manner consistent with that—not because I predicted it, but because, that's what it was.

"Therefore, you have to get him out. We have various means of getting him out. We have the Chicago scandals, all kinds of scandals. But, and the best chance is right now—the kind of thing you're looking at today—you've got what's happened, as a by-product of this process, you had the unemployed, over the coming weeks, at least now scheduled, 2 million are cut off from their compensation checks.

"Now this is deliberate murder. And that's—these are the kinds of issues you have to deal with.

"See, the problem with the Democrats, and also the Republicans, is they will try to think of taking a position which will not hurt them in their relationship with the President, or the Presidency, in terms of things they want to deliver to their constituents. I think the shocker is, we're going to have to see what the effect is, of this cut of essentially, in the coming period of weeks—two million people are being thrown out, into destitution, as a by-product of this legislation process. Because it's going to take tough measures, and you're going to have to fry the rear ends of a lot of politicians to get this thing moving.

"And any Democrat leader who does not do that, should obviously be targetted, to say: 'You are out. We don't want you ever back again.' You have to make it very clear....

"We have to understand, if we want to have a nation—and if we lose this nation, we'll lose civilization too, for a long time to come—Obama has to go. I've described exactly how he has to go. Get him out of there. To get him out of there, we have options. Don't talk about the conditions under which you get him out, get him out. Just don't shoot him. We don't want that mess. Just get him out of there. That's the issue. Are you willing to get rid of Obama? Or do you want a mustache on your lip too?"