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The Next Two Weeks Are Crucial,
for Better or for Worse

July 2, 2010 (EIRNS)—Speaking on LaRouchePAC-TV's weekly report June 30, Lyndon LaRouche underscored the critical nature of the period between then, and the middle of July. His comments, below, summarize that; his full discussion is available at www.larouchepac.com.

"We've come to a time, where on an occasion like this, I should say, in my fair estimate, unless there are very significant changes, such as could have been made, possibly by the German proposal made yesterday for reform, but unless a change of that character and quality, at a minimum, is made, we are headed in about two weeks, to go over the cliff, globally. That's the general situation.

"The collapse will come first, actually, in Europe. It will then trigger a collapse in the United States, which is already in process, of course, but I'm talking about a real collapse. The collapse of the Atlantic region, which will start with the North Atlantic region and spread very quickly to the South Atlantic, will then hit the Pacific Basin....

"So the problem we have, the problem in forecasting, is that we have a President who is, in every functional sense, clinically insane. He's also dominant, and as long as he's in there, the present situation is: The Congress will do nothing, government will do nothing, net. We have probably 80% of the population of the United States, the citizens, who wish to have these changes. They're ready to make these changes. They hate the Presidency, they hate the Congress! But the Presidency and Congress are still dominating, with the close collaboration of the British Empire. And it is the British Empire that's dominating the world, presently.

"So therefore, I would say, if all these factors which are now in place, continue, through the month of July, you must expect that by approximately the second week of July on; somewhere from that point on, you will have reached a point of general chain-reaction breakdown of the trans-Atlantic system, which will be followed by a collapse, if continued, of the world system. So, we're at the point, where our policies are, from that standpoint, clinically insane....

"So you have a gigantic bubble, with a shrinking real economy. What you're talking about, you're talking about a hyperinflationary potential, and the potential for a hyperinflationary explosion, chain-reaction style, of the entire planet, is already there, sitting in potential. And the urgent thing, is to make the kinds of reforms, which you can do in the short term, and which will have an effect of stopping this blowout. And it's what I'm proposing: The idea of a Glass-Steagall approach, and then going to a fixed-exchange-rate system. Get Glass-Steagall in the United States. Then go hopefully to Europe, to get partners in Europe, and elsewhere, who will join with us.

"Then we have to think about our international relations: Now, we have to say, we have to have a fixed-exchange-rate system among us. And we have to have, also a long-term credit system, and international credit system, to replace the present monetary system. Which means the power will lie with individual countries, as sovereign nations: Their agreement, each of them, to a Glass-Steagall or equivalent type of reform, combined with a global fixed-exchange-rate system, will enable each country to generate credit....

"This is the kind of reality we face, that this President is in the way of dealing with! And British Petroleum is in the way of dealing with. This nation is threatened by destruction by an invader, which is really a British invader—it's British Petroleum is the invader! And our nation is being threatened by destruction, from these sources! And people are just not waking up to reality! "Aww! Ya can't attack the President!" I mean, can't you attack your enemy? Our thing is get him out of there!

"The fact is, psychologically, there's no way you can reform this President, except by putting him under protection. And you have to put him under protection: You can't let him be killed. And the danger is that some nut will get onto the idea of doing that, and might get lucky. So, he's got to be put out of this situation, out of the Presidency, in a safe place, where he's alive and well. And he's got to be replaced...."