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LaRouche Announces the Role He Will Play
in a Post-Obama Administration

July 7, 2010 (EIRNS)—Economist and leading statesman Lyndon LaRouche kicked off the July 6 edition of the LaRouche Political Action Committee Weekly Report with a special announcement, that is bound to send shockwaves through the political landscape in the United States.

Referring to the dialogue he held with U.S. leading economists, and representatives of China, Russia, and India on April 29—a dialogue which appears in the July 2 edition of EIR Online and on the LaRouche PAC website—LaRouche declared that the program he outlined in that event formed the basis of an operating agreement, a program, which would kick in immediately upon the constitutional removal of President Obama from office.

LaRouche began his discussion this way:

"This particular event, has proven to be one of the most important strategic developments in recent times, because it is established, not just for those persons, but with institutions in general, a pattern, which sets the pace for what would follow, if the impeachment or ousting of President Obama were to occur on time.

"Under those conditions, as I now know what they are, I would play a key role in a post-Obama government, not as a member of the government, but as an advisor with many connections, pulling many strings together, to advise on how we bring the world out of the present mess.

"The dangerous part of this: If that does not occur somewhere between late July and late September, the United States will disintegrate. Europe will probably disintegrate before the United States, Western Europe. The Atlantic region as a whole will disintegrate. And then, as a result of the degree of collapse of the world economy, in the trans-Atlantic region, the trans-Pacific and Indian Ocean region will collapse, too. This would bring on a prolonged new dark age, after which, probably we will have, instead of 6.8 billion people on this planet, we will have less than 2. That's the process."

During the course of the hour-long dialogue which followed, LaRouche returned several times to the nature of the role he will be called upon to play, in directing a successful revival of the world economy following the removal of Obama—starting with the restoration of Glass-Steagall, and moving on to the issuance of masses of government-backed credit to rebuild the U.S. physical economy. In this context, he elaborated:

"I mean, if we just wipe out all this worthless money, and stick to a Glass-Steagall standard, the Federal government will then be able to launch an authorization of credit, an issue, under which we launch a set of programs: We can take banks which are essentially bankrupt, put them under bankruptcy protection for reorganization; we can recover those banks by loaning them Federal money in trust, for them to continue to conduct their business. We will have guidelines on what they will use that money for. It will be largely for infrastructure projects which are necessary to develop industry in general, industry and agriculture. And that should be the priority. And we will also have it available for other necessary things, to stanch the flow of blood, in terms of economic blood.

"So in that period, we still have an opportunity, right now, to save the United States, and if we save the United States, I can guarantee, that we will have partnership in countries such as Russia, China, and India, and also, probably you will have, if you do it in time, you will save Germany, you could save France — the current President of France is not in a secure position now, so he could be changed — and you have forces in northern Italy, which will be useful.

"So therefore, we would have combination, immediately, of the United States. You would have on the Asian side, you would have not only Eurasian Russia; you would have South Korea, you would have Japan, you would have China, you would have India, and you would have other countries associated with the Pacific Basin or the Indian Ocean Basin. With that combination, and with certain countries in Europe and with the United States, we have the ability to save this system. This is our last chance.

"Now, my role in this, since I will be 88 years of age on Sept. 8th, my role is not to become a President—that is not really a career opportunity for me, at this time. But I do have the knowledge, which other people don't have, relevant for this situation. And I have collaborative relations with people in various countries, that if Obama is out. I can see, very clearly a probable chain-reaction under which we can recover. And I have a very specific role to play, in organizing the economic aspect of that recovery."

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