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LaRouche Unveils
A New Forecasting Project

July 16, 2010 (EIRNS)—Speaking on the LPAC-TV Weekly Report July 14, Lyndon LaRouche unveiled a new project which he has given to the LaRouche Youth Movement in the Basement project. The purpose of that project, which aims to produce a visible product in the very short term, is to provide graphic representation of LaRouche's latest refined economic forecast. As LaRouche put it,

"I have refined the forecast for the Summer season, to say there is a point somewhere between sometime in July, and sometime in September, at which, unless there is a radical change in U.S. policy, the entire world system will come down in the worst depression since the 14th-Century New Dark Age. Not just the U.S., but the world as a whole."

He elaborated later:

"Now, there is some point, between early July, or middle of July, and middle of September, or so, at which, if Obama is not out of office, and if the policies of the United States are not changed—and they can not be changed, and have Obama in there—if that change is not made, the United States is going to go out of existence. That doesn't mean we are going to disappear. It means we will be on a slippery slope from which we can never recover. We have got to get this President out, quickly, before we reach the turning point, at which it's no longer possible to organize a recovery in any ordinary sense of the term.

"Therefore, it's important that we understand exactly what the range of options are for getting the United States, at least, out of the present mess...."

To refine our insight into this forecast, LaRouche said,

"I turned to some work we have been doing in the Basement, on scientific work, on Gauss's method for defining the orbit of a particular asteroid, Ceres, and the other asteroid belt as such." What we want to develop, he said, is a more refined view of the characteristics of the present crisis: "What is the internal structure of the crisis, and how can we more precisely define, from the standpoint of statistical methods—our statistical methods, not the usual Wall Street type—where the danger point, the maximum option for getting the President out, and replacing him—where we could save the United States, for example, and therefore, civilization? We're at that point."

A fuller elaboration of LaRouche's latest project can be found on www.larouchepac.com.