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British Royals Behind
New Depopulation Scheme

July 16, 2010 (EIRNS)—The Royal Consort, Prince Philip. and the hare-brained heir apparent, Prince Charles, have long advocated the reduction of the world's population from its level today of 6.8 billion, to less than 2 billion backward peasants to maintain the British Empire's control of the world. Now, the British Royal Society has started a policy group entitled "Population And The Planet" that will advocate radical genocide similar to that called for by Prince Philip's WWF.

The policy group announced on "World Population Day," July 11, is, according to the Royal Society release, intended to study "the role of global population in sustainable development," and to look at "the implications of population decreases, as well as increases that are predicted in different parts of the world." The study is scheduled to be completed by early 2012, "to coincide with the point at which the world's population is expected to exceed 7 billion."

Not surprisingly, three of the 23 panelists come from the 20-year-old Optimum Population Trust, which first surfaced in a big way at the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference arguing that the solution to the genocidal climate-change hoax was the reduction by 5 billion people, who would consume less of the world's resources. Prince Charles is a "patron" of this genocidal group.

Thus, Prince Charles' long-time advisor and friend, Sir Jonathan Porritt, who is also on the board of OPT, has been selected as a panelist. Like Charles, Sir Jonathan has a loathing for non-organic food, because it is cheaper and more plentiful, and can halt mass starvation. Apart from Sir Jonathan, there are on the panel two other OPT members, including Sir David Attenborough, who argues that mankind's growth is killing wildlife and insects, and the sooner man is extinct, the better. And, there is OPT patron Partha Dasgupta, who is a professor of Economics at Cambridge University.

Chairing the panel is Sir John Sulston, chair of the Institute for Science, Ethics & Innovation, and head of the eugenicist Human Genome Project.

Demographers have noted that population replacement in high-level consumption areas of the world is declining, with growth only in poverty stricken Africa, where there is high infant mortality. One recommendation that the OPT panelists are likely to present to the Royal Academy, writes Dominic Lawson in the Independent July 13, is their Popoffsets program, whereby high consumption areas of the world would give aid for their higher C02 usage to Africa to help in family planning programs, rather than toward global development. According to Oxfam PopOffsets "if their [OPT] arguments were based on logic alone, the population lobby would probably be advocating euthanasia rather than birth control, but its preponderance of elderly white male members makes that pretty unlikely."

Not so. Prince Philip, who founded the WWF with the former Nazi intelligence officer, the late Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, is fully in favor of euthanasia and other forms of genocide. He advocates destroying the economy of the U.S.A., through British puppet President NerObama, and by no later than the end of September, plunging the world into something worse than the 14th-Century "Dark Age."

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