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Elite Russian Magazine Features LaRouche's 1995 Speech to Duma

July 16, 2010 (EIRNS)—The Russian monthly journal VVP came out July 14 with an article titled, "Endgame for Financial Globalization." Written by Alexei Perochinny and other participants in the "Global Adventure" economics website, the article notably leads with a quotation from Lyndon LaRouche's June 6, 1995 speech at the Russian State Duma:

"Especially since 1987, with what's called derivatives speculation, the rate of growth of financial aggregates, attributable to pure financial speculation, is three times, at least, greater than the gross national product of the entire world's economy. If you look at the rate of growth of these financial aggregates, you find that it has gone onto a hyperbolic scale. If you take the rate of growth of the financial aggregates in respect to physical production per capita, it's even worse. Whenever you see that in a physical process, you would say: 'Here is a discontinuity, here is a singularity, we have come to the end of the system.' "

The authors draw out the historical comparison of the current crisis with the breakdown in the 14th Century.

With a print run of 20,000, VVP is circulated at many government ministries and boasts an array of national and regional officials on its advisory board.

Upon review of a translation of the article, LaRouche wrote a short comment, which will appear with the VVP piece, in the July 23 edition of EIR magazine. LaRouche's comment begins:

"The entire report, 'Endgame for Financial Globalization,' fails on only one crucial account; it draws mistaken conclusions respecting the effects of the present world crisis, by accepting the currently prevalent, international presumption respecting the role of money as such."