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LaRouche Has the Three-Point
Program for Survival

Aug. 9, 2010 (EIRNS)—Speaking on the Aug. 4 LPAC Weekly report, where he is providing the leadership for the nation so sorely lacking from the President and the Congress, Lyndon LaRouche elaborated on what amounts to a three-point program for the survival of the United States. Early on, in the hour-long show, which is best assimilated by watching the video presentation on www.larouchepac.com, LaRouche provided a concise summary:

"We're already at the breaking point, at which, at any time, it's now essentially unpredictable, we're in a period between the end of June and some time in September, during which, at present, the entire U.S. economy will disintegrate, unless something is done to change the perspective.

"The first condition is, Obama has to be out. As long as Obama remains President, there's no hope of saving the United States. And we're not talking about November, we're talking about August and September: That's the interval we're looking at right now. That's number one. This intersects the alternative, and the alternative has several components. First of all, the solution to this crisis, lies in the attempt to get a Glass-Steagall measure through, that's number one. In other words, the sequence is: Fire Obama! Number one. Without that, disaster. Step number two: an emergency re-enactment of Glass-Steagall, as defined originally by Roosevelt: exactly, no change from the Roosevelt specifications. That enables a third measure. And the third measure is to utilize the potential for a NAWAPA program.

"We have, in the area, of the NAWAPA territory, that is the target area of development of NAWAPA, in North America, we have a vast number of contractors who are unemployed—important. We have in the vicinity of this area, as in California and the state of Washington, we have many people with engineering qualifications, of one degree or another, who are capable of doing this job. So we have contractors, a population of contractors—we're talking about hundreds of thousands available—available in this area; we have hundreds of thousands of technicians, engineers, and scientists, who are also unemployed, with no prospect of employment, right now, under the present system.

"So therefore, this program, the combination of firing Obama—get him out of there! If you value your life, get him out of there! And first thing, Glass-Steagall. Glass-Steagall will eliminate the bailout problem, which means the Federal government will then have the means, after Glass-Steagall is enacted, at that point, the means to utter Federal credit, for programs which will be led by the NAWAPA program. The NAWAPA program will involve hundreds of thousands of employees, and the shovel goes in, right at the start: In other words, we can have in, as early as September, if this is done, or at the latest, the beginning of October, we can have a major project, which will reverse the tide, on the present, oncoming disintegration of the United States."