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LaRouche PAC Releases Feature Film
On the Fight To Restore Glass-Steagall

Sept. 7 (EIRNS)—The Lyndon LaRouche Political Action Committee eleased a feature film today, titled "The Takedown of Glass-Steagall," which details the seventy-five year offensive by Wall Street and London against the legacy of Franklin Roosevelt, and the life-or-death battle the U.S. finds itself in now over the urgently needed reinstatement of Roosevelt's 1933 legislation.

In a press release on the 80-minute film, LaRouche PAC said the following:

"As Lyndon LaRouche has stressed over the recent days, the only hope for a U.S. economic recovery would be to 'take a leaf out of President Roosevelt's 1933 book,' and restore the intended functioning of our commercial banking system by redirecting the flows of funds currently being channeled to feed the insatiable bail-out of Wall Street and London, into the emergency physical-economic recovery programs which he has uniquely spelled out—the North American Water & Power Alliance (NAWAPA) and its necessary correlates.

"To do this, LaRouche says, 'We must virtually shut down Wall Street and what its associated financial-monetary system implies, both in this nation, and globally.' The reinstatement of Glass-Steagall, in full, would do just that, canceling the obligation to sustain the flow of 'monopoly money' which Barack Obama, Tim Geithner, Larry Summers, and Barney Frank are currently funneling into the pockets of enemies of the United States, such as the Inter-Alpha Group and its constituent banks; and separating our nation's legitimate commercial banking functions from those associated with speculation and usury.

"As the new LPAC-TV feature shows, Franklin Roosevelt was at war with a treasonous apparatus, who, at the same time they were bankrupting the United States and impoverishing the American people, were actively funding and supporting the rise of fascist regimes all over Europe. Today, Barack Obama and his professedly-fascist economic advisers such as Larry Summers, have stopped at nothing to attempt to block the reinstatement of Glass-Steagall, in its full and original form, using stooges like Rep. Barney Frank to shut down debate and act as the leading obstacle in Congress to the revival of the Franklin Roosevelt legacy."

"For that reason, it is fully appropriate and fitting, that the September 7th release of this film coincides with what will prove to be an historic debate between Rachel Brown, the LaRouche Democratic candidate for Congress in the 4th district of Massachusetts, and her opponent in the upcoming September 14 primaries, Representative Barney Frank. This upcoming election in Massachusetts promises to be as much a referendum by the people for the restoration of Glass-Steagall (which Rachel Brown has loudly and openly supported), as it will be a defeat of 'Bailout Barney,' who has become known as nothing more than a whore for the biggest banks and derivatives traders of Wall Street and the Boston Vault. Barney Frank is on record, in 1999, stating on the floor of Congress during the debate over the repeal of Glass-Steagall, 'We give the financial institutions everything they ask for.' On September 14th, his removal from office and the fight to restore Roosevelt's Glass-Steagall is to be seen as one and the same issue."

"If the Democratic Party wishes to survive, it must cease being the party of Barney Frank and Barack Obama. In order to restore its legacy as the party of Franklin Roosevelt, it must, immediately, boldly, and unequivocally, move for the reinstatement of the full and complete 1933 Glass-Steagall legislation, in direct opposition to Barack Obama. Only Barack Obama's immediate forced resignation from the Office of President, can insure the survival of the United States, and the restoration of Franklin Roosevelt's dream."

LPAC-TV's "The Takedown of Glass-Steagall" can be viewed at www.larouchepac.com/gsfilm.