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LaRouche on `Historic' Rachel-Barney
Debate: `She Destroyed Him
and the Credibility of His Policy'

Sept. 9, 2010 (EIRNS)—In a statement today about the hour-long debate on Sept. 7 between challenger LaRouche Democrat Rachel Brown and incumbent Congressman Barney Frank, Lyndon LaRouche described the event as "historic." It is a turning point in this period of history, he said.

"Objectively, she destroyed him. She destroyed him piece by piece, and destroyed the credibility of the policy he represents, which is the policy of President Obama. In doing that, she implicitly destroyed Obama. It was a decisive strike against Obama, who is dependent upon the role played by this liar Barney Frank.

"She won this hands down in terms of reality. Barney completely failed. He mumbled through the whole thing and presented no facts of relevance to life. He is finished."

But, you can judge for yourself. The full video is available on Rachel Brown's website .