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Rachel Brown: Why Barney Frank
Opposes Glass-Steagall
and Scientific Progress

Sept. 13, 2010 (EIRNS)—In a direct statement to the American people and the voters of Massachusetts, given during LaRouche PAC's "Down with the Traitors" campaign show on Sept. 12, LaRouche Democrat Rachel Brown elaborated on the lessons of her Sept. 7 debate with incumbent 4th District Congressman Barney Frank. The primary contest between Brown and Frank to represent the Democratic Party in the 4th District of Massachusetts occurs on Sept. 14.

The full statement issued by Brown Sept. 12 appears here. She is expected to release a final appeal to the voters sometime later this evening, which will be available on www.rachelforcongress.com.

"One thing that was made clear in the debate is that there are two views to be taken right now, and Barney espoused one of them, which is a commitment to be against scientific progress. He declared that NAWAPA was insane, and we're not going to bring ice water down from the mountains, and we're not going to create jobs on Mars. So, all of that is an economic incompetence, a lack of understanding of the true source of economic progress, and human development as being based on science, and advances in human understanding.

"So, Barney declared himself against a commitment to the future, and what I am representing and calling for, is a return to this American policy, which is what has always made our country a leader in the world.

"So, secondly, the second point of the debate, which was clear, is the fight around Glass-Steagall. Now, why was Barney Frank so vehemently against restoring Glass-Steagall now, if it's not such a big idea? That's because he is an operative of the British Empire, and the Inter-Alpha banking group. So, Glass-Steagall, by ceasing to bail out the worthless derivative obligations, would cut off these interests of the Inter-Alpha banking group, which Barney works for.

"So, that's why he's against it. But it's these same financial interests which are against this idea of development of science and technology, because that's what's going to improve the productive powers of every single nation on this planet, and therefore, every single individual. That's why they're against it.

"These two things are joined together: one, ending the power of the British Empire by restoring Glass-Steagall, and two, restoring a commitment to scientific progress. So, those two things are what we have to do now, and I think the battle was made clear in this debate.

"One thing is what Barney Frank said, in his defense of State Street as a supposedly non-speculative financial institution, which is untrue—is that he is committed to protecting the Vault and the wrong side of Massachusetts history, the side which led in the opium trade, human slave trafficking, and preventing the establishment of the United States. So, yeah, Barney basically said it himself, that he is a Tory, and he is not on the side of the real Massachusetts, the Massachusetts of the Patriots.

"So, this Tuesday, you have a chance to make history once again in Massachusetts, to end the reign of Wall Street and the British Empire seated here in the Fourth District. We can kick Barney Frank out, and end his reign forever.

"So, go to the polls. Get out there and vote on Tuesday, and let's make history."