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LaRouche PAC Video Proves Barney Frank Is Opposed to Scientific Progress and the JFK Tradition

Sept. 14, 2010 (EIRNS)—In a ten-minute video released yesterday, LaRouche PAC-TV exposes Massachusetts Congressman Barney Frank as a long-time opponent to the American tradition of scientific and technological progress embodied in President John F. Kennedy's calls for the conquest of space. The opposition to manned space-exploration which Frank has voiced repeatedly in his debates with LaRouche Democrat Rachel Brown, who opposes him in Massachusetts' 4th District Primary which is taking place today, is of long standing. He introduced an amendment on 2006 which would have banned NASA from funding manned travel to Mars, but then supported it again in 2008, when it carried.

Narrator Alicia Cerretani recalls that Obama handed LaRouche Democrat Kesha Rogers her victory in her Texas primary on March 2, by trying to shut down NASA's Orion moon program a few weeks earlier. Kesha won with 53% in a three-way race, on a program to strengthen NASA and impeach Obama. Will Barney give Rachel a victory in the same way?

The video includes both well-known and lesser-known footage of President Kennedy summoning the American tradition of the first New England colonists, in calling Americans to the conquest of new frontiers in space today, "the greatest endeavor on which man has ever embarked," offering "new hopes for knowledge and peace."

Barney's opponent Rachel Brown argues that scientific discovery is integral to the human spirit, and that breakthroughs in economy result from breakthroughs in knowledge. While Barney has argued for the shutdown of manned space exploration, in favor of trillions of dollars of bailouts for Wall Street.