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Lyndon LaRouche:
Barney Frank Is All Used Up;
Now We Go All-Out for Glass-Steagall

Sept. 15, 2010 (EIRNS)—Following the release of the final "official" results of yesterday's primary election in Massachusetts, which gave Rachel Brown 21.5% of the vote against incumbent Barney Frank, Lyndon LaRouche responded:

"The Boston Vault intervened to make sure Rachel Brown's vote was suppressed. It's not Barney's doing; this is over Barney's head. He is now officially used up. His usefulness is finished, Rachel Brown and her campaign have really destroyed his political career.

"Rachel Brown is now a figure of national influence. It's not a question of a head-to-head fight with Barney Frank. Barney is just a tool of the Vault, and it's they who have to be destroyed. This is the fight for Glass-Steagall. They are weak. They can still pull dirty little tricks like vote fraud, but they can't rig the financial system to keep it together. This thing is falling down around their heads, and we're the only ones left standing.

"Rachel Brown and her campaign did exactly the right thing—she forced them out in the open, and made them play all their cards, as you saw with the debate. Now is the time to keep up the intensity, and realize how much has been accomplished with what has been done."