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Narcissism Expert Sam Vaknin Plumbs
Obama's Psyche and the Apocalypse
He Will Produce If He Remains President

Nov 6, 2010 (EIRNS)—In an exclusive one-hour interview on, internationally renowned narcissism expert Sam Vaknin, author of the best-selling Malignant Self Love, plumbs the depth of Barack Obama's malignant psychopathic narcissism, and projects the possible forms of breakdown which Obama will begin to manifest as early as next week, in response to his rejection by Americans in last Tuesday's elections.

Vaknin first diagnosed Obama as "possibly" a narcissist in July, 2008, soon after he became the putative Democratic nominee with Hillary Clinton's forced withdrawal. Since then, he has confirmed that diagnosis beyond doubt, in part through standard clinical tests, enumerated in the interview, based in part on careful review of 1,200 hours of Obama videotapes.

Vaknin said that it is now fashionable to refer to the President as a narcissist, but that most who do so, except Lyndon LaRouche, repeat it without understanding the reality of what they are saying. A pathological narcissist as President is a calamity, an apocalypse. The man is a walking time bomb. He lacks any empathy; any understanding of what it means to be human. He lacks a personality; his narcissist's "false self" is a non-human implant, an outcome of soul-snatching like the creatures from the movie "The Body-Snatchers." In that respect he is a robot; for that reason, Vaknin refers to narcissism as a sort of "artificial intelligence."

As Obama now enters the phase of decompensation or "breakdown," his precise symptoms cannot be predicted, but Vaknin expects as most likely, some combination of an explosive anti-social reaction, in which Obama will attempt to punish society for not recognizing him as the Messiah, combined with a paranoid aggressive explosion with delusions of persecution. This may happen as early as next week, if Obama is still President.

The entire interview should be heard; Vaknin is unparallelled in his ability to make sensuous and graspable the processes of the narcissistic mind. Vaknin, an Israeli, refrains from discussing Section 4 of the 25th Amendment to the US Constitution, which provides for removal of a President unable to perform his duties because, in this case, he is non compos mentis. But any American who hears it will agree that this law must be applied now, without any further delay whatsoever.

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