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LaRouche's Marching Orders to Patriots:
The Third American Revolution
Must Occur Now!

Nov. 10, 2010 (EIRNS)—"Let's start with history, American history in particular," Lyndon LaRouche stated, in opening his webcast, four days after the Nov. 2 midterm elections in the United States. He then laid out the century-long fight to develop what became the United States, the first true republic in the world. This is crucial, he stressed, because so many Congressmen and Senators no longer understand what the American System uniquely represents—and they've sold out to the British system.

The principle of the American System, from the time of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, was that of a credit system for developing the physical economy through scientific and technological progress, so as to develop the individual members of society, who constitute the unique source of wealth. Conversely, the British Empire, as all imperialist systems in history, is based on monetarism—and monetarists don't know what real economy or infrastructure is.

That's what politicians today have lost sight of. Take the case of Senator-elect Rand Paul (R-Ky.), LaRouche said, the poster boy for the radical new brand of legislators, who are rabidly anti-government and demanding a balanced budget, at a time of hyperinflationary blowout. This is fascism, LaRouche insisted. Right now, "we are on the verge of a hyperinflationary form of fascist dictatorship," in which the United States could disintegrate virtually overnight.

The loyalty of politicians, LaRouche stressed again and again, is not to their party, but to the nation. All patriots have to rally around saving the nation, now, at this crucial point in time, when the Republican Party is planning to "blackmail the Administration, by striking a very close alliance, with the President," while Obama "has been committed to the same policy as the worst of those in the Republican Party, typified by Rand Paul." Therefore, what counts, is not the party, but the nation, and the Constitution.

"So, we've come to a time, where the Third American Revolution has got to occur. My program is, number 1: Obama out! Why? He's clinically insane. We have a 25th Amendment. The 25th Amendment says, an insane President can be removed." Next, a formal introduction of the Glass-Steagall principle, and establishment of a planetary fixed-exchange-rate system, "which is essentially a credit system. We don't want any more monetary systems!" The credit is then issued for financing the real economy, and infrastructure projects such as NAWAPA.

And in the U.S., the states have to be bailed out, because they cannot issue their own productive credit. And "this is where Rand Paul is way off base, politically, and even as an opportunist," LaRouche stressed.

Taking on a project such as NAWAPA, for example, would mean developing nuclear power on a large scale, as well as high-speed rail transportation, dams, etc. "What you're talking about, is a sudden increase in largely skilled employment," with the creation of about 4 million jobs. "The minute the law is passed, to implement that policy, which depends upon the previous steps I indicated, we are out of the woods! We're on the way to recovery!"

The discussion centered very much on what can be done now, to change the policies the Obama Administration will attempt to carry out, together with the Republicans. Most of the questions came from Democratic leaders and economists studying the LaRouche method.