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Will NATO Summit Approve
Expanded British Drug War?

Nov. 19, 2010 (EIRNS)—As the NATO heads of state gather in Lisbon, Portugal today to discuss strategy on the Afghanistan war, evidence abounds that the British Imperial gameplan for expanding that war, is headed for ratification. In effect, British "advisers" to NATO and the U.S. military command are urging a continuation of their new Opium War, centered in the world's leading opium producer, Afghanistan.

With British puppet Barack Obama in the White House, they are confident of reaching their goal.

The "plan" expected to be presented at the NATO Summit has been pre-annnounced by two British agents. One is former British Ambassador to Afghanistan, and later, British Foreign Secretary to Afghanistan-Pakistan Sherard Cowper-Coles, who appeared before the House of Commons Foreign Services Committee on Nov. 9, where he called for long-term occupation of Afghanistan, along the lines of the British Raj's supervision there in the early 20th Century. According to Cowper-Coles, whose term in Afghanistan coincided with the massive rise in British-protected opium production, leading U.S. authorities such as U.S. Af-Pak representative Richard Holbrooke, and General Petraeus approve of his plan.

The second British spokesman to lay out the plan was NATO's envoy to Afghanistan Mark Sedwill, who previously worked closely with ousted U.S. General Stanley McChrystal. Sedwill told AP on Nov. 18 that NATO may keep fighting in Afghanistan past its 2014 target date, a statement that corresponds with numerous recent statements about how the occupation will have to be extended beyond President Obama's political deadline for withdrawal of August 2011.

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