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LaRouche Warns Against
Turning Netanyahu Loose

Nov. 30, 2010 (EIRNS)—Upon hearing the evaluation of leading intelligence professionals that the recent negotiations between Israel and the U.S.A. point to President Obama agreeing to an Israeli hit on Iran, Lyndon LaRouche denounced the mere idea of arming Netanyahu with F-35 stealth fighters, and of giving even an implicit go-ahead for Israeli military action against Iran.

"You cannot take a piecemeal approach to the current strategic situation," LaRouche warned. "No piecemeal assessments are competent. You have the disintegration of the entire Inter-Alpha monetarist system—right now. Those British-centered circles are absolutely desperate. Under these circumstances, you don't turn a lunatic like Netanyahu loose. He is perfectly capable of starting the fire that detonates chaos on a planetary-wide scale. This is madness, but this is, unfortunately, precisely the kind of madness that we see from President Obama, time after time."

A further indication of the dangerous game the British controllers of Netanyahu, and other anti-Iranian assets, are playing came with the Nov. 29 attacks on leading Iranian nuclear scientists, one of whom was killed. As one knowledgeable Middle Eastern source put it, there is a full-scale clandestine war going against Iran, and Britain is behind it.

And you had better believe it's geared to bring in the U.S., and blow up the world.