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LaRouche Democrats Declare
Candidacies for Congress

Dec. 15, 2010 (EIRNS)—This week, the LaRouche Democratic candidates who inspired the nation during the 2010 election season—Rachel Brown of Massachsuetts, Summer Shields of California, and Kesha Rogers of Texas—announced their intentions to appear on the ballot in each of their respective states as candidates for Congress in 2012.

Each candidate promotes Lyndon LaRouche's unique solution to restoring the world economy, a solution desperately needed in the wake of the completely disastrous Congressional election of 2010, which brought into power a de facto fascist alliance between President Obama, and the Dick Armey-ant wing of the Republican party.

While LPAC-TV will feature video statements in the near future, EIR here presents the preliminary declarations by the precandidates:

Kesha Rogers, Texas-22

Kesha Rogers, who gained 30% of the vote against incumbent Republican Pete Olson, said:

"Our chance of surviving this breakdown crisis, depends on making a willful commitment, as creative human beings, to develop the scientific, industrial and cultural betterment of mankind, as the Preamble to our Constitution says. The will to do this doesn't exist in the current political leadrship; as such, they have no moral authority to govern. That is why I am launching a new campaign for U.S. Congress, to guarantee that the urgently needed solutions to the crisis, of removing Obama, reinstating Glass-Steagall, and building NAWAPA, will be put on the table."

Rachel Brown, Massachusetts-4

Rachel Brown, who was credited with 20% of the vote against incumbent Democrat Barney Frank, said:

"Glass-Steagall should have been passed by now. Obama should have been removed from office. As none of the newly-elected or current office holders have demonstrated that they will fight on these fundamental principles, I am declaring my candidacy for office. The population who voted for me will not be betrayed; I will continue to fight in their interest."

Summer Shields, California-8

Summer Shields, who ran as a write-in in 2010 against Nancy Pelosi, said:

"The American people voted for a future, and I am going to give it to them. The policy is simple and to the point: 1. Go with a Glass-Steagall reorganization, tossing the toxic waste out of the financial system and going with a credit system based on Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton's approach. 2. Employ 4 million people in the greatest science driver and regional development program ever developed by mankind: NAWAPA. 3. The U.S. is going to hold hands with Russia, China, and India and any other country that decides to get onboard and enter into long- term treaty agreements to get rid of the current financial system and get out of this financial crisis safely."