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EIR Features LaRouche Dialogue
with Russian Editor and Friends
on `The Cultural Imperative of
Russian-American Cooperation'

Dec. 15, 2010 (EIRNS)—"The Cultural Imperative of Russian-American Cooperation" was the subject on the table when Lyndon LaRouche and a group of his friends and associates got together with historian Alexander Nagorny, deputy editor of the Russian weekly Zavtra, on Nov. 7 in Northern Virginia. Several hours of intense discussion ensued, as the participants reviewed the current prospects for that cooperation between the two nations, and the grave dangers of war and genocidal depopulation that face the world without it.

This week's edition of EIR Online presents an edited version of that dialogue, which runs to 35 pages of the issue. The discussion is must-reading for those who realize that close U.S.-Russian cooperation is vital for bringing the world out of its current crisis, but that it must be rooted in an in-depth understanding of the role which the British Empire has played in both corrupting both nations, and in playing them against each other in geopolitical games.

The key areas of advanced scientific collaboration which invite U.S.-Russian partnership are also explored in some depth, as well as specific projects to whet your appetite, including the Bering Strait Tunnel, and other infrastructure plans. Members of LaRouche PAC's Basement scientific team, who are at the forefront of developing those plans as the globally extended NAWAPA (North American Water and Power Alliance), were among those speaking at the seminar.

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