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Obama To Implement Hitler Program by Fiat

Dec. 28, 2010 (EIRNS)—President Obama's recently revealed decision to have Donald Berwick, director of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, resurrect, by issuing a regulation, the infamous Section 1233 of Obama's health bill, demonstrates once again, how right LaRouche was to "put the moustache" on Obama. Blocked by the Congress in his desire to put this Nazi euthanasia provision in the health care law, Obama is now trying to implement it by fiat.

Section 1233, written by euthanasia enthusiast Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-Ore.), calls for Medicare to pay for what is euphemistically called annual "end-of-life counseling." In fact, doctors are not only being encouraged to promote discussions of stopping medical care, but they are going to be rewarded according to the number of patients who agree to forego treatment by signing "living wills" or other such directives. In Hitler fashion, Obama will give doctors a bonus if they convince you to die early; and they will penalize them if you don't agree.

Here is Hitler's 1939 T-4 program, of weeding out those considered to have "lives unworthy of life," all over again, just as LaRouche said. Either Obama is kicked out, or fascism is coming in Jan. 1, and it is you and your family who may not survive.

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