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`No Irish Citizen Is Responsible
for Paying Off Allied Irish Bank's Debts'

Jan. 5, 2011 (EIRNS)—Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams, in an interview on Wednesday's RTE Morning Ireland News, pointedly emphasized that Sinn Fein is seeking a mandate from the Irish citizens, not to renegotiate the bailout deals, but to "reverse the policies which handed power to outsiders who want to run the state in the interests of the Euro system rather than Ireland." He said Fine Gael and Labour miss the point when they talk about renegotiation. Sinn Fein intends, not to renegotiate, but to reverse these policies "root and branch."

Adams made clear that Sinn Féin has put forward policies to reduce the sovereign debt, but that "there is no responsibility for Irish citizens to pay the debt incurred by private banks. ... We believe the connection—the link between sovereign debt and private bank debt should—be cut." He said the state should get rid of Allied Irish Bank and the other toxic bad banks, and let them go off and settle their affairs by themselves.

Although the RTE interviewer and all the newspapers reporting on the interview tried to sidetrack Adams into talking about the "art of the compromise" involving in building coalition governments, and other parliamentary claptrap, Adams instead proclaimed, "I believe politics is the art of the impossible."

Lyndon LaRouche, referring to Adams' statement, said; "He's right. No negotiations... No compromise on Glass-Steagall."