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LaRouche To Deliver True
‘State of The Union’:
Will We Keep This Republic?

Jan. 8, 2010 (EIRNS)—Two weeks from today, Jan. 22, the man who should be America's actual President, Lyndon LaRouche, will deliver a true "State of the Union" address to the American, and world, population over the Internet. His webcast, which begins at 1 pm Eastern Time and will be broadcast live at www.larouchepac.com, will present the immediate measures which the American people must take in order to reverse the current collapse into a global New Dark Age: the ouster of Obama from the Presidency; the restoration of FDR's Glass-Steagall; emergency action to save the disintegrating cities and states; and the immediate launching of the uniquely appropriate recovery program, the North American Water and Power alliance.

This webcast will occur at the most critical period the American republic has ever faced. Not only is the imperial financial system which dominates the world, in the process of disintegration, but the very fabric of social life, on all continents, is dissolving into bestiality, and chaos. Only the reassertion of the principles behind the U.S. Constitution, through the measures which LaRouche has proposed, can possibly bring the United States, and thus civilization as a whole, back from the brink.

To mobilize the American people behind those measures, the LaRouche movement has launched six Congressional candidacies, which are already leading the charge for the necessary solutions, on a daily basis, as LaRouche PAC-TV demonstrates.

It should be abundantly clear that the only alternative to LaRouche's leadership is the emergence of fascism. Obama's resurrection of Hitler's T4 program, which LaRouche pointed out in the spring of 2009, is now an international scandal. The reality, that Obama, and leading Republicans, are choosing to literally consign people to death, in the interest of balancing the budget—as in the case of Arizona's denial of transplant services through Medicaid—is unavoidable.

LaRouche and his relatively small organization have taken full moral and intellectual responsibility for reversing the current descent into Hell. Will Americans follow his leadership, to save their republic, and thereby the chance for the world to enter an era of peace and prosperity?

Germans have been excoriated for decades, because they did not move to stop the genocidal horrors of the Hitler regime before it was too late. What will be said of Americans, if we do not stop Barack 'Hitler" Obama in his tracks? To carry out that mission, it is indispensable that American patriots attend, or listen to, LaRouche's Jan. 22 webcast. Commit yourself, and get the message out!