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LaRouche: The People Have Rejected
the Dead System; Now They Need
Positive Leadership, Like That of FDR

Feb. 24, 2011 (EIRNS)—In his weekly appearance on Lyndon LaRouche PAC-TV's Weekly Report Feb. 23, Lyndon LaRouche emphasized that the days of characters like Gov. 'Belshazzar' Walker of Wisconsin, and the lunatic Muammar Qaddafi, are numbered. "The present world monetary-financial system is already a dead man walking," LaRouche said. It is hopelessly bankrupt, and "there is no hope of any recovery, anywhere, implicitly, under this President of the United States, and under this British system."

He elaborated:

"This system is already as good as dead. Unless we change the system, we're not going to survive. The change in the system, for us, is simple: Back to Franklin Roosevelt. Back to our Constitution. All we have to do, is cancel these tens of trillions of dollars of worthless debt, by a Glass-Steagall law, which will wipe out the British Empire, which will wipe out Wall Street, but it's no loss! Would you rather have Wall Street and death, or go without Wall Street and life? That's your choice. This is not unknown territory, the U.S. Constitution in our history is not an unknown territory.

"What is an unknown territory, is the minds of people who don't make this kind of change, who have 'reasons' not to make this change. 'You're going to take away our banking system! You're going to take away my assets!' Buddy, you've already lost them! You think you have asset—tomorrow they won't exist! You think you have something today, that tomorrow is not going to exist? You're not going to have the banks, you're not going to have the money—nothing! Your way of life is finished, as long as you believe that it's Obama's way of life, or the Queen of England's way of life.

"And I'm not forecasting, I'm hindcasting. I'm telling you, what's already happened to you, like the doctor who comes in to [you] and says, 'I'm sorry to tell you, you're already dead.' That's what I'm saying: Your system is already dead. You, if you believe in this system, are already dead!"

Asked about the significance of the global mass strike now ongoing, in the face of this reality, LaRouche said:

"Well, it's like the greatest, harshest, and most bitter divorce you could ever imagine, is that people suddenly saying, to their master, the present system, "We don't love you any more. Moreover, we hate you." That's what they're saying. And this is very healthy, very healthy....

"So what's happening around the world, look what happened in Egypt, look what's happening with Qaddafi. Look what's happening around the world, look what's happening in Wisconsin, look what's going to happen throughout the United States in these coming days and weeks. The system is coming down, and the bride, the people, are leaving the groom. They say, 'You're now ungroomed. You're gone.'

"And so, the question now, is the need for positive leadership, which is alternative to everything that Obama and Wall Street represent. And we've got to take the people's hatred, which is spreading throughout the world, throughout Europe and throughout the United States, in particular, we've got to take the hatred, and turn the hatred into something constructive. The passion is justified. The passion which is expressed now by hatred, and it's increasing hatred, of this administration, and this President, and everything that goes with it: That's justified in the sense that it's provoked. But we have to move the thing away from hatred, into something constructive. ...

"So the first thing we've got to do, we're going to cancel every bit of the health-care policy of Obama. Right after we get Glass-Steagall. We're going to reinstall the functioning government, institutions of government of the states. We can do that. If we wipe out about $20 trillion worth of worthless paper, we've got some credit available! And we invest it in putting back our states into shape. And we go ahead with the NAWAPA projects, and similar projects around the world. We can have an instant process of recovery. That is, not instant glory, but a shift from this process, into a process, which, like Franklin Roosevelt's 1932-33 operations, will bring us into the realm of safety and progress."