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LaRouche: The Mass Strike
Calls For Real Solutions;
Dump Obama, Reinstate Glass-Steagall

March 3, 2011 (EIRNS)—Speaking on the March 2 LaRouche PAC Weekly Report, Lyndon LaRouche addressed in depth the dynamic of the mass strike process currently sweeping the globe, and what must be done to prevent it from turning into a French Revolutionary disaster.

We summarize LaRouche opening statement here.

"This mass strike is actually a signal of the countdown for the collapse of the world system, the world monetary-financial system, which is in progress right now," LaRouche began. It is a spontaneous movement, largely of the 25 to 45 year-old grouping, which is rejecting those who have brought us into this disaster. "The people in the whole trans-Atlantic region, are smelling a collapse of civilization."

LaRouche continued:

"So we have a situation in which the entire world financial-monetary system, especially the trans-Atlantic region now, is going down. We're on a very short fuse. This entire system is going down! I mean, anybody who says they're campaigning for an election in the year 2012? They have to be clinically insane. They should be removed from government on grounds of insanity. There's not going to be an election in 2012, the way things are going now! The system is going to disintegrate before the end of this year.

"You look at the rate of inflation, look at the rate of food shortages, and inflation, hmm? This is going to be a big one, and it is a big one already. The food shortage is a big factor in the mass strike, it's what people are responding to. It's like bad weather: The storms come in bad weather, and the bad weather are all these conditions which have convinced a section of society, that the situation, as it stands, is hopeless, and what they've got to do, is get rid of whoever is in power! Because whoever is in power, who isn't doing something about this, has to be thrown out!..."

"So what you have, now, is you have a process which is prepared, even though it's not really conscious of this, but for those of us who understand this process, you're looking at doomsday for whole governments around the world! What you've seen in Libya, what you've seen in Egypt, what you've seen in Tunis, what you've seen in Bahrain, what you're seeing in Wisconsin, what you're seeing spreading into Ohio, what you're seeing in Indiana, is doomsday for this present U.S. government. That doesn't mean the government as a Constitutional institution will cease to exist, it means that there's going to be a purge, a big, popular purge, of the systems of state and Federal government, especially the Federal government.

"But now, because the states are being the opportunists, with the Republican factor in the state level, the reaction is coming against the state governments! And the people are going to become increasingly merciless, toward the behavior of state governments, which are acting like Scott Walker or anyone like him, or Chris Christie in New Jersey. Their time is about gone! They think they're on the uptick, for power. They're on the downtick, for the garbage pail, politically! And that's the phenomenon we have to see.

"People have been so long using polls, statistical polls, and so forth, to try to understand trends in behavior in the American population, the European population, that's nonsense. In this situation, that does not work.

"When you have a mass-strike phenomenon, it can go bad, too. One case, for example, the French Revolution, was a mass-strike phenomenon, which went bad. Because the French government successfully resisted the mass strike, and the British Foreign Office, which was orchestrating the French Revolution under Jeremy Bentham—Jeremy Bentham was the guy who was orchestrating the French Revolution—Bentham was able to control the process and turn the revolution into a terror, one of the most hideous terrors.

"As a matter of fact, the birth of modern fascism, as we call it fascism, was actually the French Revolution, because the French institutions failed to support the people, when the people were in a dire situation, dire stress situation, then the British agents were able to orchestrate events, to turn the mass-strike process into a nightmare. And out of this nightmare came, eventually, Napoleon, who was nothing but a useless puppet of both the British Foreign Office, and Vienna. So they orchestrated a mass war, in Europe, the Napoleonic Wars, and the Napoleonic Wars did one thing: They destroyed the nations of continental Europe, and thus cleared the way, for the consolidation of the power of the British Empire! And that's why the war was continued by Napoleon...."

"So, when you get a mass strike like this, a movement which we're having now, which is coming on, if the nation-state system, does not respond to the demands of the mass-strike movement, the mass-strike will turn into an obscene mass, a seething, obscene mass, which will be the end of civilization for a long time to come. So therefore, we better listen to the mass-strike voices now, while there's still time to do so. We now have to offer real solutions.

"And, the solution is obvious: Just think about what the issue is. Reality is, that if the present process continues, if Obama stays in office, for example, the United States is finished, this year. There's not going to be a 2012 election! There may be a 2012 erection of a certain kind, but not an election. It's going to be Hell.

"So, what's the block? Well, the British are playing their puppet, Obama, but Obama's no longer in control of this thing. You have fascist Republicans are in control of it, typified by Scott Walker, and Chris Christie in New Jersey. These are the typical piggish characters, who are the greatest threat, because they're the greatest provocateurs, against the people. There'll be others coming along. And, if we don't get rid of this problem, we're not going to have a nation. Right now, as of now, don't think about Christmas time, because that's the time, that not Santa Claus is going to hanging on the tree, but a lot of politicians and other institutions, like the French Revolution.

"What we have to do is very elementary. But you have to think about what we're up against. The present world financial system is in a hyperinflationary breakdown crisis. It has not gone into the actual breakdown, yet, but it's in a hyperinflationary breakdown crisis, which means, an accelerating rate of inflation. The key to this thing is that inflationary drive is now connected to a food shortage, internationally, a food shortage in the United States, a food shortage which is aggravated by the greenie movement, by the so-called environmentalist movement. Because the environmentalist movement is one of the great factors in causing the shortage of food. And the shortage of food is one of the breaking points in this process.

"So, you have to get rid of that problem. You have to get rid of Obama, you have to get of the inflation, which we can do, and you have to do a Glass-Steagall reform. Without Glass-Steagall, there's no chance of saving the United States. Without Glass-Steagall, and the United States going under as a result, Europe is finished."