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To Protect Our Nation from the
Galaxy's Challenge to Our Existence,
Obama Must Be Removed from Office

March 30, 2011 (EIRNS)—"The existence of humanity is being challenged," stated Lyndon LaRouche in his opening statement on the Lyndon LaRouche PAC (LPAC) Weekly Report today, and we must urgently prepare to defend the population of the United States, and others, by using the means of early detection of disasters like that in Japan, to move people out of harm's way. But the only way this is going to happen, he concluded, is if President Obama is removed from office through the application of Section 4 of the 25th Amendment.

President Obama is presently tearing down the warning systems the U.S. has in place, LaRouche continued, emphatically including the capabilities of NASA. Our work in space is a leading element of being able to giving early warning about such potentially cataclysmic events, he said. It provides us with a collection of meter readings, in effect, which allow us to forewarn people, and get them to safety.

In a later period of the discussion, LaRouche PAC Basement team leader Sky Shields detailed, with graphic representation, some of the leading satellite technologies which Obama has taken down, and which have otherwise been taken out of service for lack of a U.S. or European commitment. While done in the name of "saving money," Shields said, these takedowns can only be understood as intentional moves toward implementing Obama's British master's drive for genocide.

What we have to be able to do, LaRouche said, is utilize the Army Corps of Engineers, and have it take the pre-emptive measures which it was not permitted to take with the Katrina disaster, or with Haiti. But President Obama, who has blood on his hands for failure to act in Haiti, is also taking apart the Army Corps through budget cuts.

"We cannot defend the people of the United States against the growing threat unless we remove Obama from office," LaRouche concluded. He is incapable of fulfilling his duties as President of the United States, as specified in Section 4 of the 25th Amendment. If we don't apply that amendment, and remove him from office now, we are betraying the United States.

LaRouche's full presentation, and Shields' further elaboration must be seen, if the United States, and humanity, are to survive.

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