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Refusal To Invest
in Earthquake Forecasting
Is a Crime Against Humanity

April 7, 2011 (EIRNS)—In his appearance on the LPAC Weekly report April 6, along with LPAC Basement Team leaders Sky Shields and Oyang Teng, Lyndon LaRouche delivered an uncompromising attack on those, including the President of the United States, who are sabotaging the ability of the United States and other countries to forecast earthquakes (and tsunamis). We present his opening remarks here:

"The issue now on the table, is the argument from the fascists that earthquakes are not forecastable. The evidence, of course, is clear that earthquakes are forecastable. The forecasts have been made, and have been confirmed, in fact.

"But what we have is, we have a group of people, who call themselves 'experts,' who are expert liars, but not very convincing. And what this means is, if we allow this go on, and the official author of this lying, apart from the British Empire itself, is the President of the United States. What this demonstrates, this kind of lying from the President of the United States and his circle, as the official statement of the United States government, means that it's impossible for us to defend the human species, as long as Obama remains President.

"Now, there are many people who say, 'Well, it's not a practical thing not to have him President, to get him kicked out.' The grounds are there, the evidence is there. 'But,' they say, 'it's not practical.' 'What do you mean it's not practical? You mean, it's not practical to save the human race, from a policy which would condemn them to mass extinction?'

"We have the thing, what's going on in Vienna, now, and of course, in the event on the subject of forecasting, and we have all these things on history, which shows that forecasting has existed for a long time on earthquakes; people have not always understood how it worked, but they knew it worked, and they were right. And so therefore, if we don't have the methods for forecasting, and are not allowed to use them, which is what the President of the United States will not allow, then a lot of Americans are going to die, as a result of this President, being President. And that's a crime against humanity.

"And that's the situation we face now. We have an increasingly better handle, very rapidly now, on the question of the ability to forecast. It's not perfect. It probably never will be, but we are much better equipped now, than we were, say, a few months ago. Much of the evidence was already there, but it was not put together, it was not being discussed, and the events were not occurring, which would demonstrate the importance of this evidence, as in the Pacific Basin itself. And it's going on rapidly.

"So, the point is now, the issue is, is the human going to make it? And the answer to the question lies, are we capable of throwing this President out of office? Because if we're not capable of throwing this President out of office, on good grounds for doing so, under Section 4 of the 25th Amendment, if we're not capable of doing that, we are not fit to survive, because we're unwilling to do the things on which survival depends."

The Vienna conference LaRouche referred to is the General Assembly of the European Geosciences Union, which will take place in Vienna, Austria from April 4-8, and will feature reports on how the recent Japanese mega-earthquake and tsunami had been forecast more than a week in advance, by scientists in Japan and Italy. EIR's reporters are on the scene, and will be reporting as soon as possible.

The full video discussion of the Weekly Report is posted on the Lyndon LaRouche Political Action Committee website.