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Obama Is Giving Desperate
States the 'Haiti Treatment'

May 11, 2011 (EIRNS)—It doesn't take an earthquake, or a hurricane, to bring out the genocidal proclivities of the insane President of the United States, Barack Obama. While giving an endless array of speeches promoting his role in the killing of Osama bin Laden, Obama is showing criminal negligence toward the real disasters hitting the United States, from the Mississippi Basin, to Texas.

In effect, Obama is telling the states to go to Hell, by refusing to take the emergency actions which the nation needs. Lyndon LaRouche put it this way.

"Since he is not doing what any sane person in his position of authority would do, we can only conclude that he is insane. And that means the 25th Amendment must be invoked, Section 4 of the 25th Amendment."

The following specifics are worth special note:

  • While an already stretched and depleted Army Corps of Engineers works around the clock to try to contain the flooding along the Mississippi River, Obama is proposing a budget which cuts funding for this vital service.

  • Despite the fact that Texas fires have scorched 2.2 million acres in Texas since November (an area bigger than Rhode Island and Delaware combined), President Obama has refused to issue a declaration of "major disaster" for the state. Such a declaration would provide even more aid than now being provided under fire management assistance grants, which are being given.

  • Obama's Pentagon has denied a request from Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal for financial help, in light of his deployment of the Louisiana National Guard to help the Army Corps with transportation requirements, in their mobilization to mitigate flooding in the state.

Those who claim the Federal government doesn't have the money, are simply putting money before the interests of the people. Emergencies can always be met (as they are in the case of war deployments), and the problem can in fact be dealt with systemically—by implementing the Glass-Steagall standard, and ending the ongoing bailouts.