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Is an Israeli Strike on Iran
Coming This Summer?

July 2, 2011 (EIRNS)—In the context of Lyndon LaRouche's warnings that Obama's British masters are planning a "Reichstag Fire" fascist dictatorship over the United States in the immediate days ahead, two senior U.S. intelligence sources have warned that Israel is seriously planning military strikes against Iran's nuclear facilities in the very near future, and that President Obama may have signaled his support for such an Israeli action to Prime Minister Netanyahu.

One senior U.S. intelligence community specialist confirmed that the United States is in the final stages of planning for military action against Iran, although he was uncertain of the timing of such a possible attack. He warned that Israel is far-closer to taking unilateral action against Iran, because Israel has a "much lower threshold" for preempting Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon than the United States. The source added that the Pentagon is furious over hard evidence that units within the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps' Al Quds Brigade have been actively involved in training Iraqi Shi'ites who have escalated attacks on American soldiers in Iraq in recent weeks.

A second Pentagon source confirmed the warnings about Israeli plans for attacks on Iranian nuclear facilities, and indicated that he is concerned that President Obama has reached a dirty backroom deal with Netanyahu: Allow Israel to strike targets in Iran, and in return, Israel will make a deal with the Palestinians to preempt a September United Nations General Assembly vote on recognition of Palestinian statehood and UN membership. The source noted that "Obama is gullible enough" to believe that Netanyahu would honor such a deal. Any Israeli air attack on Iranian nuclear targets would require safe passage over Iraqi airspace, and part of the deal between the U.S. President and the Israeli PM involves assurances that the U.S. will not activate air defenses in Iraq against Israeli fighter jets.