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Congressman Takes On Obama's
Drive for 'Monarchy'

July 2, 2011 (EIRNS)— In an interview given to Russia Today TV June 29, Democratic Congressman Jerrold Nadler (N.Y.) reiterated his statement from the House debate on the Libya war powers on June 23, saying that President Obama was following a "monarchical" policy.

"The Founding Fathers and Framers were very clear, that unlike the British King, the President should not have the authority to decide whether to go to war by himself. It should need a vote of the people's representatives and Congress first. There may be emergencies, and obviously, there have been emergencies where you can't do that, but where you can, we should obey the Constitution."

Obama has not followed the Constitution, Nadler made clear, and that he has to be brought into line. "The fact that he consulted Congress is irrelevant." he told the interviewer. "He hasn't gotten Congress's permission, which is what is relevant here—not that he informs or consults Congress.

"And as to what's going on in politics, I'm sure on the part of some people, that's true. I'm sure some Republicans are trying to embarrass the President. I'm not trying to embarrass the President. I'm a Democrat, and I want this President to succeed. But I think we have to stop Presidents in general from increasingly making Congress irrelevant in decisions to go to war."

Nadler says he will co-sponsor a resolution, in the near term, to defund the war in Libya.

Meanwhile, the Senate has scheduled a vote on the Kerry-McCain resolution which succumbs to Obama's monarchical decision to go to war, for Tuesday, July 5.