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Congress Ratifies Obama's Hitler Coup

Aug. 2, 2011 (EIRNS)—With the fate of the U.S. republic hanging in the balance, 269 members of the House of Representatives, on Aug. 1, cast their votes for President Barack Obama's copy of Adolf Hitler's Enabling Act of 1933, thus ratifying a measure that will, if implemented, rip up the American Constitution. Today, the Senate followed suit with a vote of 74 to 26, and sent the bill to Obama, who immediately signed it into law.

"This vote brings us that much closer to the imminent destruction of the United States," declared Lyndon LaRouche on the evening of Aug. 1. LaRouche is leading a major mobilization to stop Obama's coup. "The people who voted for it have committed an act of treason on behalf of a foreign power, whether they knew it or not."

Under the pretext that the U.S. budget had to be massively slashed in order to preserve U.S. solvency, British and Wall Street institutions had waged an extraordinary campaign to intimidate and brainwash the Congress into going along with Obama's "budget control act," which was agreed upon by the leaderships of the two Houses of Congress on Sunday night, July 31. But the evil content of the bill they crafted, and which has now been ratified, does not lie in the cuts per se, but rather, in the creation of a new body—what Obama calls a "Super-Congress"—to usurp the authority of the Congress itself on matters of budget policy, along the same model as Adolf Hitler's Enabling Act, by which the German parliament gave over permanent powers to their Chancellor.

The key asset of the London-Wall Street crowd is this endeavor was not, as popular wisdom claims, the Republican Party, but rather British puppet Barack Obama himself. It was Obama, not the Republicans, who colluded with the British-controlled rating agencies to demand up to $4 trillion in budget cuts, and it was Obama, not the Republicans, who first proposed making cuts in Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid part of the package linked to the so-called debt ceiling. And finally, it was Obama, who has already created two special commissions to usurp the powers of Congress—the Independent Payment Advisory Board for Medicare, and the Catfood Commission (Committee on Fiscal Reform and Responsibility)—who demanded the creation of a "Super-Congress" which is to be empowered to decide on $1.5 trillion in cuts, including in entitlements, without any interference from the Congress, which can only vote them up or down. And if they vote them down, a nearly equal amount of draconian cuts are to be made automatically across the board.

To reverse this disaster, therefore, not only must the credit system of the United States be restored through the immediate re-institution of the FDR Glass-Steagall Act, but British puppet Obama must be removed from office immediately, by Constitutional means.

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