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LaRouche Issues Seven-Point Program
for Recovery

Aug. 24, 2011 (EIRNS)—Speaking to LaRouche PAC-TV's "Weekly Report," today, Lyndon LaRouche outlined a seven-point program for recovery, which will serve as the immediate platform for action by the LaRouche candidates and LaRouche PAC activists around the United States. Regular features elaborating the program are currently being presented on LaRouche PAC-TV's daily morning and evening shows.

LaRouche's own summary outline of the "seven necessary steps" ran as follows:

"I can't see any possibility of survival without, first of all, dumping this bum out of office; he's more than ripe for the ouster. Dumping the present system, absolutely, through the aid of Glass-Steagall, a Glass-Steagall reform in the original form, with the same force and intention, as the original Franklin Roosevelt movement; that's absolutely necessary.

"We need to apply the credit we get available to us, for our states and for the national government, first of all, to provide stability for the economy and actual growth patterns. We need to go further, with large-scale projects based on the creation of a credit system, as opposed to a monetary system. We will use money, but it will be designated as originally under a credit system, not a money system. We will take the credit we can generate, and use that credit, in part, to put the economy back in functioning.

"But then, beyond that, we must have a major driver program, based in large-scale infrastructure, of which NAWAPA is the most suitable case. And through that program and through the accelerated program of scientific progress, including, of course, the space program, reviving it and taking it beyond what it has been before; have a science-driver program, which turns capital investment into growth facilities, into the driver for the expansion of wealth produced per capita and per square kilometer in the United States and other nations.

"That's the outline. It's unique, and as far as I can see, as the world's leading forecaster, as of now, as of the record now, this is the only thing that'll work. It's the best thing that'll work. Let's do it."

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